Give Mei OW2 Changes Now

Her solid freeze is absolutely broken. It’s literally Flashbang or Shield Bash without a cooldown and farther range. Just a broken source of infinite CC.

I ran into my fair share of Meis while tanking tonight. She is absolutely insufferable and does not need this in her kit. Sometimes you forget just how oppressive she is until you force a spree of them in matches.

Seriously, her kit is already incredibly powerful against tanks. The “freeze solid cancel abilities” effect on her primary fire needed to be changed years ago. Tonight just reminded me of that.

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And a minimum cast time of 1.5 seconds. Shield Bash and Flashbang go off pretty much instantly. A Good Mei’s wall is a lot scarier than her freeze.


Not for one second.

Was rolling kids in QP tonight with my tank duo. Lots of Ball and Hog from my end. After farming DPS, supports and tanks within the first few team fights, we kept running into players swapping to Mei. I don’t know why so many were out in force tonight, but it was working really well for them. Idk what my DPS were doing some of the matches, but Mei made tanking incredibly difficult for my duo and I tonight. I think it’s rare that I run into them so you forget just how oppressive she is.

Freeze is absolutely destructive for pretty much every tank especially if their team is coordinated enough to follow up on it. Just creates giant CC chains that have made tanking notoriously miserable.

Ah, so you don’t actually play tank. I see now.

this is the reason i dont play tank lmao you have to be a sadist to play tank

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I don’t disagree her wall is more terrifying. Your only chance if you do get walled is landing a key cooldown on her. But she can cancel that too.

Overall the freeze solid ability is stupid. Slowing people is fine, but to literally freeze them solid to set up a massive CC chain or allow allies to peel is just sheer insanity.

So … people swapped to your counters… in the counter swapping game… and you feel the solution is to make them not able to do that instead of changing YOUR character to something that isn’t countered?


Absolutely broken freeze…that requires 3s tracking and Mei has to be in your face in these 3s.
There is a reason why Mei is considered m2 bot cause her primary fire is worthless garbage.



So it’s fine for you to be “rolling kids” but soon as they swap to try and counter, now it’s an issue. The tank entitlement.


Am I the only one who’ll play Mei if her LMB puts the fear of God into flankers? As it is, it seems to me that Tracer’s only going to get frozen if the Tracer screws up. If LMB does reliable and decent damage, I’ll probably try her out.

There is no counterplay for tanks regarding Mei.

This one of the primary reasons her freeze is getting removed in OW2.

If your DPS are doing their job, she’s pretty much a non-factor. But if you’re carrying on tank, a single Mei swap can become highly problematic.

At that point, counter play becomes the responsibility of your DPS.

I hate to say this, but come on… Mei is not tearing it up in deathmatch, it’s ya boi McCree, Doom and Soldier… and you are mad at freeze still? Really :roll_eyes:

So you haven’t learned to respect the kit. I see…

Tell you this: any Mei worth their salt can aim with alt fire, and what you are wishing for is going to mean that damage (and her primary) will increase… just be prepared for that day because OMG the whining wave that is going to happen will be deafening.

As Jeff said, be careful what you wish for…

I mean, there it is… :man_shrugging:

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i mean, pair up with zen and she’ll melt things

You are hog. Land your hook. If you miss and get chain frozen that’s on you. Also since many of the mei nerfs she can’t really freeze a ball unless he messes up. He can roll out of her range with grapple. Only way a ball gets frozen is if he used grapple, then gets walled off in a small area. Or another hero stuns him first.

There are also other tanks who can stop her freeze, like Zarya and orisa. There is counterplay to mei, if there wasn’t she would be meta.

Except all the shields can block, the mobility that can put you out of her range almost instantly and the skills that straight up cleanse and block freezing?

Interesting theory, but more likely it’s because they are absolutely gimping CC all around.

So you want her to be useless against tanks too? … Great balance idea.

I am sorry the counter to overzealous tanks made your overzealous tanking stop.


I think people forget how oppressive she is due to how uncommon she is.

I think people forget how oppressive she is due to community on the whole not playing tank, and definitely not playing Main Tank.

I think top tier players understand just how underrated the hero is and how powerful she is for carrying a worthless frontline. She has been frequently name dropped and discussed as one of the most underrated heroes in the game by a multitude of streamers recently.

I think her kit already has more than enough CC in it, you just seriously forget until you force a Mei in 4/8 matches because you’re dominating that player while they’re on hitscan and walking through their tanks.

I think it’s easy to forget how bloated her kit is, and last night reminded me why I had been taking a break from tank, despite having +700hrs on the role. She slows. She freezes solid. She can body block doors. And her wall is absolutely disgusting. Almost a guaranteed kill when used correctly by Mei and her allies.

And nobody takes more punishment from her than tanks, which is again why they are significantly altering her kit in OW2.

I have been a proponent of her moving to the tank role for the sequel for quite some time. Otherwise much like Doomfist, her CC heavy kit is going to become highly problematic.

TBH, Mei’s primary isn’t very good currently. Since flankers can just leave it before freezing, it doesn’t do much damage, and even tanks like Dva, Winston, and Wrecking Ball can just never be close to her if they don’t want to be. And even if she DOES catch them, they’re faster and can leave before freezing. Zarya for example can wait till she’s almost frozen while dealing damage to Mei, bubble to cleanse it, then kill Mei before the bubble fades. Roadhog can practically one shot Mei, and generally can heal as fast as Mei hurts him.

In short, I’m totally open to try the damage bonus instead of a hard freeze.

Mei isn’t meta because one semi-competent hitscan and she is done.

That and she’s never had many players and always sported a low PR.

My issue here is how effective the hero is at setting up CC chains. If her team is playing around her, she enables a swathe of heroes to follow up her CC and guarantee picks.

Again, there’s a reason freeze is getting removed. There’s a reason they are contemplating playtesting her as a tank.

Mei has a bit of an issue where any time she’s viable in high gameplay or pro play… she gets nerfed. It happened like 3 times now where she weren’t considered good, but showed up in pro play and got hard nerfed right after :c