Get ready to predownload Overwatch 2 guys! (Started)

how do we know if its updated yet? checking for updates says no updates available.
trying to figure out if it updated without me knowing?

There’s a little download at the bottom.



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Hello AndyB!

good to see you alive huehuehuhue

have a great work week

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Remove the bandwidth limit in your battlenet download settings, it’ll go up to 25-50mb/s.


Fine you can have her on attack. I get her on defense.

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Hi Andy, as a community manager, are you providing any feedback to your team about what the community is going through in regards to paying $20 per legendary skin? We understand the need for monetization but this is just outrageously greedy. If the skins were $5-$10 we would feel more supportive of the new direction.


It’s understandable, and it’s not like it was that long of a delay. Thanks for keeping us updated. :3

He knows a real gangster when he sees one. It is only natural he is scared.

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Whoa, you can speak Portuguese?

Anyways it is not ready for me yet :frowning: player since 2017.

I am aware everyone, their mom, and the mice in their walls are downloading the preload at the same time.

But wow. Good thing this isn’t using a lot of bandwidth or needed soon cause it’s gonna take a hot minute to finish this.

Ill be the baptiste healing nothing and hitting nothing :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks, ive got it downloading too!

My download seemed to have finished, but now theres an option to “Download Pre-release Content” where the download used to be, and when i click it an error pops up and says “Looks like something broke, give it another shot”

Yet it won’t work… any ideas?

Edit: restarted my pc, launched battlenet, the play button for overwatch turned to “Update.” It seemingly scanned and repaired the files and downloaded the remaining 6gbs and finished. :+1: It says “pre-release content downloaded” underneath the play button when the download is done.

Is there a way to know if it has already been downloaded or not? I know supposedly it hasn’t been pushed yet.

Edit: Nvm just started.

If you want to download faster:

  • click download manager on the top right
  • click the settings icon
  • scroll down to the bottom and uncheck “limit download bandwidth for pre-release content”

went from 99.6 KB/s to 13.55 MB/s


I wonder how big the download will be for console.

I… was not aware this was even a limitation. Greatly appreciated. Now sitting here watching it absolutely destroy my bandwidth XD

But hey… I have nothing to do for the next couple hours.

EDIT: and done. … like 10 minutes tops. 30 Gigs altogether.


30gb I believe I need 20 characters

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