Get -150SR down cuz OW error, its not my fault

i dont know why. i got disconnected for 2 times, at the end of matches. and my 150SR gone. Its not my fault, its OW error, why we get our SR down while its your errors?

WyomingMyst has just answered your question.

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I just replied to you in another thread, but here is that response again…

There is a current standing issue of a DDoS attack. This does not affect the game servers but the network providers in-between. So it looks like a disconnection. This is why there is a penalty but a starting penalty is small at only a 10 minute suspension.

This tells me you disconnected in three separate competitive games. When you have the first disconnection, try to make every effort to reconnect and complete that game (I know this is not always possible). However, after a first disconnection, make every effort to avoid Competitive Play and investigate to see why you may have disconnected. Attempting to immediately re-queue for Competitive Play without investigating or troubleshooting really is just as bad as deliberately leaving Competitive Games.

More information:

There is a notification when you log into the game at the moment that there are ongoing issues.
You have been warned. If you still choose to continue, that’s not Blizzard’s responsibility to deal with.