Kicked off game, servers dead

Sitting at main menu where it says rejoin game but every time I click that it does nothing, GG, I love not being able to play things I invest hundreds of dollars in!

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“oh no i dont appreciate having very good and smooth gameplay for 365 days, and the one day it has problems I question why I bought the game in the first place”


The internet providers they use are getting DDOSed, it’s not their fault

I and Blizz twitter both advise to stay off competitive today until the game is back to normal


Sad how people can instantly come online and post about it but are too lazy to check their official twitter with an explaination - smh


What some of us are here for. Friendly reminder to the community they have a social media dedicated to these situations

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I’m not friendly to people who come online to the forums, especially if that’s their first post and instantly cry around.

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Oh trust me, I’m not friendly to some individuals either, should have seen me a bit earlier lol. But regardless, I’ll still sincerely remind them of what’s going on and who to follow for more information.

If they treat me as though I’m Blizzards Offical feedback bot though, then we have a problem, and I have been treated like that before when all I was doing is sending a reminder on what was going on.


Yes, it is fair to provide information to what is going on and it’s really nice of you that you take your time.

But I think this:

is just disrespectful.


Yes, exactly I couldn’t have agreed more.

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What in god’s name are you spending that much money on? I’ve spent maybe $60 on this game, max, and that was mostly the cost of the game itself.


i just had this issue too, its so frustrating. Im terrified of being banned because of these bugs getting me kicked or the servers closing down

Hey everyone to my knowledge the DDoS alert has not yet stand down. I am off to bed, so I won’t be able to give updates for now, but be sure to continue to follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for news on if and when this may stop.

As always, if you are showing signs of disconnections for any reason, please avoid Competitive Play.

i dont know why. i got disconnected for 2 times, at the end of matches. and my 150SR gone. Its not my fault, its OW error, why we get our SR down while its your errors?

As mentioned, the current standing issue is a DDoS attack. This does not affect the game servers but the network providers in-between. So it looks like a disconnection. This is why there is a penalty but a starting penalty is small at only a 10 minute suspension.

This tells me you disconnected in three separate competitive games. When you have the first disconnection, try to make every effort to reconnect and complete that game (I know this is not always possible). However, after a first disconnection, make every effort to avoid Competitive Play and investigate to see why you may have disconnected. Attempting to immediately re-queue for Competitive Play without investigating or troubleshooting really is just as bad as deliberately leaving Competitive Games.

More information:

dude, i got disconnected so many times. Disconnected then connected again then disconnected then connected again and so on. But at the end of match still got disconnected, thats why i still got banned and SR down. Blizzard should have the way to find out that detect when player manually quit the game or got server error. If got server error, dont make player banned and SR down. if player manually quit, just ban player and down their SR.

Blizzard servers are actually normally quite stable (when they are not launching new games, sorry couldn’t not :joy: )

Perhaps you have become soo use to it you take it for granted? They are being attacked atm by angry Anna and Moira mains, though in all sincerity it is not their fault its ddos.

Also how do you spend hundreds of dollars in OW? I have spent nothing but what the game cost and have 200 unopened loot boxes… Your post seems pretty suspect at best.