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I’d say at this point its pretty clear Brigitte’s initial balance was pretty far off the mark. She has been nerfed multiple times since then and she is still very strong.

Another regret is although I really like the way Hanzo has turned out, I somewhat regret increasing his projectile speed specifically. It will always feel great when testing a change like that, and it has helped make him a lot more consistent… but he has lost some of what helped make him feel very different than other heroes. That’s not to say you’re going to see Hanzo nerfed next patch or something, but its just one of those retrospect things that I wonder if there was another way to get to the same goal.

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The devs stated themselves they aren't satisfied with the Hanzo rework
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Thanks for buffing Doomfist, I appreciate it


Giving Reaper his charms, good looks and poetic vocabulary.


Thanks for the response, and I look forward to the responses in Baptiste Q&A. Have a good night.


Please don’t tell me that you’re still planning nerfs. Brigitte’s been through enough


Does the OW team have favorite skins they will never take off? :thinking:

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We’re mostly going to see how this next patch shakes out, since it has a ton of changes in it already.

That said, we would have liked to keep the Junkrat buff at 140 from a pure DPS stand-point (especially against Tanks/Barriers), but it was just really pushing it once he could one-shot 200 health heroes with a 50%+ boost (Orisa ult, Nano, Baptiste ult, etc). We experimented with making the grenades no longer explode on enemy impact once they hit a surface (as a way to nerf his spam, without affecting direct hits) but it felt really weird and kind of broken in a lot of cases.

So possibly Junkrat buffs and some different Reaper buffs, since the pure passive healing buff was really problematic at the lower ranks.

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(Editted.) If the 140 isn't possible, then perhaps a more consistent falloff mine at the price of 20% ult charge requirement?
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Why 50% boosted junkrat can't one shot?
Geoff try these junkrat buffs please

Every hero has been unique and fun, Brig has been the most fun hero for me, Next to Doomfist, Please don’t have regrets for her Mr Goodman, other players who enjoy her too are glad shes in the game I am, I’m very thankful you gave us this hero, transitioning from playing Paladin in MMO to Brig was enjoyable experience. Made me enjoy Overwatch more.

I can only imagine how difficult it is to balance a game like this, you have my respect as Dev.


That’s funny, because you referenced my exact post from almost two years ago. :rofl: Man time flies! I thought that was only about a year ago…

I know it’s impossible to verify, but I went to a bio page on some wiki (don’t remember which) and there was no mention of him working on the HoTS team so that’s what lead me to ask.

Just in general it didn’t sound right that Blizzard would move someone who failed in one area to command one of the most prestigious positions in an upcoming game. It’s not like in Batman Begins where Lucious Fox is sent to the Archives to sit and rot, in the hopes to eventually not exist at all within the company.


Thanks for buffing Doomfist, and how do u feel about Doomfist now?


Out of interest, what are some mechanics currently absent from Overwatch that you’d like to see added/are campaigning to have added?


What’s your opinion on Sombra right now? I feel like she’s in a pretty good place, but the community is pretty polar about her


It’s nice to see a positive post regarding Brig because I don’t see many of them :disappointed_relieved:


+1 for Fritz and Redwolfx… no more nerfs for Brig… =(

But if that is necessary in terms of the big picture, then yeah, you guys do what you gotta do.

Thanks for your time here, Mr. Goodman.


Isn’t it against the rules to single out a single developer?

Not saying I’m against the thread, but consistency is key


This is exactly how I feel about Hanzo. In most games I like that slow and curved “archery” feel, now it’s more “gun-like” or at least like a cross bow. Its still good/strong but it does feel different.


Just curious, why are these changes added in all at once, instead of every 2-3 weeks or so? The PTR looks promising but playerbase morale would certainly be higher if these changes trickled in on a consistent basis.

Also, for junk, has the team considered increased projectile speed? I feel that a way to consistently land intentional, direct shots is a prerequisite to keeping spam under control.


Hi Geoff, I have a question if it’s ok!

I’ve played Overwatch since day 1 pretty much, and play for hours a day, I play mainly support and love helping my team out and feeling like I contributed to the win in a supportive way.

I’ve mained Mercy since day 1, and I just want to say that I actually really love her rework and am glad that you took out Mass Rez and gave her a more active supportive ult like Valkyrie instead, it feels great to be able to contrtibute to my team while they are still alive!

I also think that the 60 HPS nerf was justified, she was doing a little too much healing compared to the other supports. But I was wondering, would you guys ever consider buffing her HPS up to 55 to see if it works as a nice middleground? It could be the extra “oomph” some Mercy players miss about her healing.

Or also, would you ever consider giving her an ability on her Reload button for her staff which temporarily boosts her healing output?

Thanks for being so active on this thread, cheers and keep up the good work! :heart:

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Yeah, i thought so too but apparently, developers are fine. Be it positive or negative.
Just not specific players.


Proof that Geoff is actually evil.
No one with an ounce of good in them could design bosses that were so heinous (and have one of them be mathematically impossible to beat on it’s first iteration).
(Joking aside I actually didn’t know you designed those bosses).

On an entirely different note what is the current opinion on Sombra? Because she seems to be in a very weird spot at the moment and has been for a while now, straddling the line between UP and OP but never quite landing in the middle.
A lot of Sombra mains widely agree that the changes to stealth where kinda unwanted and the translocator change-whilst being nice-was also kinda unnecessary.
Are there any changes planned or are we stuck with her current state?