Genji main privilege is real

Troll post is troll. If Genji is priviliged, I wonder what that makes D.Va & Lucio (historically).

That’s not true, blizzard buffed him because they felt he was underpowered.

You are not the entire playerbase. You are just one out of many.

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yet has been a bad pick for 12 seasons.
good logic.


I am glad he is in every single Overwatch game. There is only so many times before watching Genji get blade after blade, team wipe after team wipe gets boring.

I think they should buff him if anything, just for a laugh.

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Of course that’s how it was. Everyone except Genji one-tricks knows that. But they couldn’t kill a Rein in one-shot, so clrearly Genji was garbage-tier.

No, not Genji, Genji one-tricks. Genjis hate shields, shields nerfed. Genjis hate Moira’s DPS, DPS nerfed. Genjis hate Brig… just Brig. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here, asking for any kind of buff/QoL change for Zen (like using orbs not canceling reload animation). And Jeff is doing everything to keep Genji one-tricks happy because they buy most smurfs.


a player who spent money just to have an account named DPSMOIRA
…pathetic :nail_care:

No armour pack on ladder and still on top. Idk, this excuse probably doesn’t work anymore

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Wait so they want to combine small hitbox advantage, high mobility advantage and high burst potential all in one character?
Is this really what they think a balanced hero sounds like?
This game balance never stops to let me down…


Winrate means absolutely nothing. Case and point: Sym at one point had the highest winrate in the game by a very high margin. Are you going to tell me Sym was strong? No. She had niche utility and her lower than average play rate skewed her stats

Genji never was a niche hero, so that argument doesnt apply.

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Have you been sleeping for the last two years? Between Brig’s introduction and this patch he was considered useless outside of his ult. How many times do I need to repeat myself till you get it?

Being considered useless doesnt make you niche. lol
And once again, this goes back to my first argument. It was only something said by Genji players and it was unjustified.

Genji plays for me personally are some of the most boring to watch ever.


OWL, OWL and more OWL. They only care about OWL. They balance around OWL and they hype the game around OWL.

Even OW2 is just a way to get people back into Overwatch brand and watch OWL.


lmao genji was borderline f tier before this. Hes good for sure but the brig nerf will make him a lot worse. Just chill. If every mov was for owl the game would be a lot diff from what it is rn

There was this streamer who said he heard on influencer discord from devs they gonna buff Genji more.

There aren’t any “leaks”. They stated in a forum post that the buffs got them “closer” to where they want Genji to be which is probably discarded since his buffs already made him great at his job, so there is no more buffs on the way.

Probably. But I as stated above was reffering to this streamer who “leaked” that devs thinking on buffing him bit more. Is it true or bait? Not sure.

I’m quite confused. Wasn’t there a time where Genji was considered trash and all his mains were begging for buffs?

From what i saw most people calling him trash seemed to be the genji mains.