Genji Deflect Spam

Have you noticed how much this gets spammed now, back in OW1 i considered it too embarassing to use.


Deflect is an insanely mouth frothing ability that should have way more downside than it currently does. There needs to be a de-activation period of at least 6 seconds after a dash or something before genji can just deflect with his 1 brain cell.

My biggest issue with it honestly is that it’s basically just pauses gameplay for the player being dove except genji is the only one with access to the resume button and you can’t even melee a deflecting genji because he becomes immune. Either put it on cooldown after dashing or they need to remove the ability for him to self cancel so some actual thought needs to go into using it.

There is basically no disincentive for genji to dive or even close range engage anyone because as soon as you start retaliating the deflect comes out, as soon as you stop shooting it gets cancelled and you get shuriken shotgunned. Very boring.

I’m just getting tired of all of the “pause creep” the game is getting in the form of characters with abilities that effectively halt gameplay on their terms with the only counter play being “don’t shoot back”.


You make a really good point about genji deflect ability. Going off ur rant, I’d say they should allow all melee attacks and melee attack abilities to counter deflect. Including brig, junker Queen axe, Rein hammer, torb hammer etc…


I also think genji needs a buff too. He needs that Cassidy treatment so that he doesn’t get stuck on walls when he dash. They should also revert his ammo back to 30 so that he has a better shot at finishing elims

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pretty sure those regular attacks still deal damage, it’s just the quick melee that doesnt

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When deflect didn’t have cancel, it was a fun game trying to hit exactly when it runs out. Most of the time you lost (because the genji would always have an advantage taking action when it ends) but sometimes it paid off.

Now it’s just another annoying, easy to use, free value, no skill ability in addition to double jump spam, no aim dash, screw up your ultimate still get hits in thanks to extra movement speed, etc, etc…

Disclaimer: Genji is not OP, no, he’s just good. But he is waaaayyy too annoying with all the get out of jail free cards he has.


One thing wish people stock shoting into it. Got killed as Sombra in cloak when a widow was going for a sky shot shoting into a Genji somehow I got killed from it.

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Ok we have to see that clip please

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Unfortunately that was on pc and that broke so can’t do that

Gold player detected. Literally just swap to beams, or just learn the incredibly basic skill of not shooting at him while he deflects, deflect is an absolute meme at high plat/low diamond above where players are actually good


But there’s really no way to predict when it’s ok to shoot at him because he con simply end it at will and dash at you. I think it’s a good idea to have it be a fixed amount of time

How do you spam an 8s CD ability?

Ask genji players dashing to the front at the beginning of every team fight.

Tracer is far more oppressive in the right hands . Genji , sombra you can send them back to spawn with minimal skill .


deflect is such a bad ability it doesn’t need any nerfs

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This. If Genji wasn’t a directly worse version of Tracer this could be taken seriously.

I’m asking you, because you said it.

How does a 8 second cooldown get “spammed”?

This should probably apply to Sombra rather than Genji.

Can’t attack, vulnerable from the rear, above, and sides (and even below). Can’t deflect area effect damage or explosive (splash) damage.

Genji isn’t immune. Mei is when she uses Cryo-Freeze and it’s more of a “pause” button than Deflect.

So learn to bait and punish.

Several already do.

Deflect can’t stop Earthshatter, Whipshot, Rampage, Carnage, and Charge. Basic melee stuff, can be deflected, but this isn’t unusual for similar abilities.

Sorta; Deflect will shut down some basic melee attacks like Reinhardt pressing left-click or Brigitte pressing left-click. But it can’t shut down “special-melee” stuff like Whipshot, Rocket Punch and others. If it has a stun or displacement component it can’t be deflected.

Always could be cancelled.

Most players sit here.

It is pretty difficult to hit a bunny-hopping Genji if you’re particularly inexperienced and getting harassed by him. That stress can cause you to mess up your shots or timing, and trying to engage him in CQC can be difficult for a character that isn’t really suited for that (Hanzo, Widowmaker, and others).

Quoted for emphasis.

You can send off Sombra with just about anything; that’s still not really punishing her.

Agreed on Tracer, though.

It’s not terrible.

I mean it’s alright it’s just meh I guss

They Frontline with it because they think people are stupid enough to shoot it.

Literally every team fight they open with it.