Genji can deflect high noon, wth

I just discovered this. Had 3 skulls to pop and instead I commit death via Genji.


Yes. Any hitscan or Projectile. Even Melees can be deflected.


I just can’t believe this never happened until now. After all my time playing Cassidy.


How long have you been playing? This has been a thing forever.


i know u probably understand it but to clarify for anyone who doesnt.

genji reflects most projectiles and all hitscan bullets towards his crosshair but he can block melee attacks with it (meaning it doesnt deal the dmg to the enemy it just prevents the dmg from hurting genji)

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Wait until you find out that Sojourn’s movement can DODGE high noon


Nope melee is not blocked or deflected
Ive punched many a reflecting genjis to death.

This is why he can’t deflect anything out of brig, as all of her attacks are classfied as melee

Cass also will shoot (regardless of the enemies HP) his deadeye lock from his right to his left. So technically… a Genji can out play him if he is able to dash or so happen to be the most farthest left relative to his team (this would be Cassidy’s right) and deflects and can shut down his entire deadeye.

Yes it is. If you are behind him and melee, you can inflict damage. He wont take DMG from melee attacks in his FOV.


Also wrong. Her rocket flail is the only ability (shift) that can be deflected by Genji. The rest of her kit cant be.

Melee attacks do no damage to Genji while deflecting but Genji still gets affected by the CC effects (Doom’s stun, Charge’s Pin, Rein’s hammer push)

Either you’re punching him in the back if you’re referring to quick melees, or Genjis will sometimes just stop deflecting if they realize you’re doing melees now since they can’t hurt you with it.

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If he’s close enough to Hanzo, he can reflect his ult before the dragons form. He can do it to most things in the game.

genji always had a bloated kit, he can even deflect rein hammer for some reason

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Only shield bash does damage man. I play a lot of brig and genji so I know the interactions

All these years later and I still think it’s silly he can smash a metal katana going mach 2 into a rocket (designed to explode on any impact) and it doesn’t explode but just goes

“oy, yea allright I’ll go back the way I came, cheers~!”

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Wait until you find out hogs hook transcends spacetime and can hook moira out of teleport, sombra out of translocate, kiriko out of teleport, tracer out of recall, punch bastion out of his ult along with every other hero… I think this is a bug that he can punch people out of immortal phases of the game but they dont seem to care about fixing it so lets enjoy all our mobility abilities being locked down by one single low cd doomfist punch bug they are too bad to fix since ow2 launch and maybe before that.

Are you a fairly new player? Because that might explain why you’ve never come across it.

A few days ago our Hanzo shot his ult into a deflecting Genji, and killed our Brig and Sojourn with the Dragonstrike. :smiling_face_with_tear:


I really can’t tell if you’re having a schizophrenic episode or are coping this hard about how bs Sojourn is

Hell, it was like that even when he was named McCree lol

If D.Va can delete it, Genji can deflect it. Afaik

Brigs mace is not deflected