Genji and Tracer Nerfed on PTR


They reduce his Deflect’s hitbox ever so slightly.



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What about Tracer and Hanzo? I seem to have missed these patch notes…


It is so good. I am close to let a tear out.


Tracer’s pulse bomb overall damage went from 400 to 300.

Hanzo, well it’s a lot… hopefully I can link you to the changes.


Lots of things actually.


Everything that is not listed as a bug, can’t be “fixed” by a “nerf”.


Seems suspension I see. :grin:

But I do agree, that these changes to Genji is not really a nerf honestly. I am being targeted with toxicity because I spoke my opinion/ feedback. :sweat_smile:


genji’s deflect change is factually a nerf, even if he wasn’t intended to be nerfed in ptr

a bugfix can end up being a nerf as an unintended consequence


Thanks you for doing that for me, I was caught up replying to some of the individuals on this thread. :grin: seems like they hate me.


Thank you.

Glad that Junkrat has been nerfed slightly. Ever since I started playing I thought that guy was an overpowered killing machine…


Again, like I told a user from before… think of it however you want.

I think it is a fix more than anything.


I guess I have a different way of viewing thing I supposed.


You are not alone in that. I think that every hero change in this patch can be directed traced back to forum balance threads. It’s a very community feedback PTR patch.


I brought that up because quite funnily, the community sees the Doomfist Rocketpunch hitbox decrease and recent increase as buffs, and the Genji deflect hitbox reduction as a fix. Blizzard however writes them in the patchnotes as the opposite.


Your delusion is hilarious.


Thanks :kissing_heart: Now enjoy your day man.


Tracer main here, I’m ok with it due to pulse bombs low charge rate.


Oh blizzard :wink:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Hey ZodiHD do you think these changes to Tracer is going to affect her overall role as an Offense hero?