Genji and Baugette Hitboxes Finally Fixed!


I’ve just got one thing to say…


Behold! The only nerf our Holy Order of Paladins recognizes as being justified for our dear Brigitte!

Now she is truly perfectly balanced!


I think Brigitte and Genji are in a similar boat for me - overall they both seem relatively balanced, but they’ve both got two very absurd hit-boxes in their kit. Genji’s Deflect was crazy and Brigitte’s Shield Bash was worse. Thanks Blizzard!

Edit: Something I want to add in relation to Brigitte is that (obviously) we’ve only got Quick Play as a measure of her balance. Quick Play is usually a really bad measure on hero balance, so we’ll have to wait until Competitive Play allows Brigitte to be played, then we’ll have a better view of how she plays. Though she feels pretty alright so far in Quick Play, her Shield Bash had one of the (if not the worst) hit-box in the entire game, so good on Blizzard for fixing that. I don’t think there’s anything much more that sticks out as a glaring issue, though Brigitte seems to be a relatively easy hero with some very powerful abilities on short cool-downs, so who knows where she’ll sit in terms of balance.


Thank god they are fixing that insane Brigitte hitbox.


Blizzard being reasonable?!
What is this?!?!


Fear not, kamarado. The Holy Order is still in.

If anyone can provide a video comparison of the hitbox on live vs the new one, that would be appreciated.

-SoaringEagle :eagle::shield:


So long as we Paladins stand strong for our allies, the Holy Order will never die!


Our prayers have been answered