Game is dying for real now

And its mostly matchmaker. Its been this way since LAUNCH DAY. Go on a win streak and you get paired with BRAND NEW players on your team so that you will lose. Happens every time. over and over for 4 seasons now.

5 game win streak? Cool lets put a DVA on your team that 1. Refuses to dive anyone and 2. goes in a lone over and over 10 times in a row and dies alone. 3. Panic ults.

Its OK to be new but go to a lobby with other new players. I am ranked Diamond. What IS THIS? MMR is not a skill value its only a W/L ratio value. Please add a skill value for making a lobby or the game will just die.


Ding Dong, the witch is dead.


Just play competitive with a 5-stack?

Imagine complaining about randoms you are paired up with and not figuring out solutions around the problem. :joy:

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2016: “this game is dying”
2017: “the game is dead”
2018: “no NOW the game is dead”
2019: “ok this time it’s actually dead”
2020: “pls believe me it’s dying again I promise”
2021: “ok FOR REAL it’s dead”
2022: “the game is dying”
2023: “game is dying for real now”

can’t wait to see next years post


well it seems to be doing alright if it’s been dying for the last 5 years, we’re all still playing it


Some of us don’t have the time to plan our lives around the schedules of 5 people to play a video game.

I don’t mean that to be snarky outright, but I’m Ok with it being that way now because it’s really exhausting hearing people say LOL GIT A GROUP when this game is supposed to be a casual one for all demographics of player.

That tired old clapback for playing the game just reeks of players who put way too much time into the video game than they do their rest of their waking lives. Some of us wanna play for fun without being food for the hardcore toxic gaming nerds.


i absolutely hate talking to randos, it always feels awkward and i’m not the most comfortable in VC and it’s especially irritating to see when the game took out the very feature that allowed you to look for a group to play with in the first place

playing stacks just isn’t a viable option


Haha, for real.

“This game is REALLY DYING NOW!!”

  • proceeds to open OW and start a match *

What can I do when the tank runs in alone half health while support is in spawn. tank not in VC. Please please tell all of us what we need to do to carry that person.


No one of my friends plays OW since OW2 launch because they have better things to do. Easy to find a 5 stack of friends when OW2 is a downgrade as a whole compared to OW1 leading to players not liking the game anymore.


It’s been dieing according to the forums since 2016 and these threads will still exist in 2027

No one cares


The game is dying but it’s not because of match making. Lol this game is struggling with bad management and they just got rid of PVE. But you sitting over here complaining about match maker. I honestly doubt you’re losing because you keep getting matched with bad team mates.

You’d be surprised. I used to read comments on the tweeter about how OW won’t last longer than a year, and that the game is “already dead”. :skull:

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matchmaker problem now is that the game is hemorrhaging players.
The range of player base across ranks is large. I fight my way to GOLD to be matched with GOLD players…not silver and bronze.
NEXT season will be the deciding factor for EVERYONE.
Its GOTTA be GOOD…blizz…hint hint…

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How it is not?


That’s the problem, we’re not all still playing it.

Many of the people on this site are actually disenchanted ex-players who haven’t actually played Overwatch in weeks, months, or even years.

Overwatch has been bleeding players like a gunshot wound to the chest for over 6 years by now. No one took the issue seriously (except for the doomers) when Overwatch still had an overall good reputation & deep reserves of die-hard fans to make up for the ones that left, but now the supposedly endless well of Overwatch players is starting to show signs of running dry.

At this point, there’s very few gamers out there that haven’t at least tried Overwatch and subsequently been driven out by Blizzard’s horrible balancing and mismanagement of the game.

Blizzard needs to stop burning bridges before they run out of bridges to burn.


You speak as if this wasn’t always the mechanic.

This game always gave you dead weight, at certain break points. I noticed it every time I was going to rank up, and it was the only times I meet resistance from the mmr.

Once I figure it out, I stopped playing rank.
The only way to win a rigged game, is to not play.

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It’s a disaster, but I still love OW. I’m hoping it gets better. I tried other games like Valorant and Paladins, but I really didn’t like them.

the games player base has 100% been on the decline. It definitely started bleeding in GOATS, then 1 year later when they abandoned it… most likely 3 years of no content is more than enough of a reason to stop playing (which a lot of people did). Holding onto the hopium that was OW2.

OW2 definitely brought a lot of players back, but it didn’t really do much to keep them around. And now with the PvE news, I’d say the games pushed itself into a niche corner.

To say the game is dying is probably the wrong statement yes. But its 100% on the decline


Bud, pretty much any game can “survive”. People are still playing Runescape. People are still playing Ultima Online.

The point is that Overwatch is now completely irrelevant in the category of online shooters. It never even sniffed at the success that Fortnite, PubG, Call of Duty, Valorant or Halo got. Heck, it never even made as much of a cultural impact as Team Fortress 2, the game that they took the gameplay from.