Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

we couldn’t even get in yet :skull:

im in right now i’ll let y’all know if it happens

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wow wasn’t even in game for a 2 minutes and it crashed.

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HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA jesus it happened to me just when i log in T.T T.T

still freezing for me

i guess there is an update maybe coming in 10 minutes ? cuz they said maintenance to 9:30 PDT … 10 minutes left

Nope they didn’t fixed it but at least it lasted more than before

the other thread is here!

Nothing new then? :c

ngl, kinda over this.

any good FPS game i can enjoy guys :smiley:

New maintenance did nothing for me :confused: My game wont stay open for longer than 3 minuets without it closing itself, I’ve tried multiple fixes and none have yet to work.

this is sad and ridiculous at the same time

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Same issue here. Just went into practice range and it lasted 30 seconds. Super bummed out.

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Since I put the arguments: --tank_WorkerThreadCount 4 -d3d11 the game stopped freezing for me

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They just post this

    • UPDATE, OCTOBER 7: The team has successfully updated our database to increase player capacity and clear login queues globally.
  • Additional Updates:
    • Players on PC may be prompted to update their client. This addresses some reports of crashes and black screen issues

Same as most people here, i’m a little over the lack of testing/ scale of the crashing issue.

Just testing my last resort effort to get this game working as i type this (and it just crashed in the background/usual timing while waiting in a queue of 600 ahead)

So if any others are bored/want to try anything they can… I figured the game is based upon the existing overwatch code base (mind you i’ve never played overwatch, this was going to be my first time)

I’m unable to post links yet,but i googled the known command line arguments and existing ini configuration options and tested a combination/lowest known settings along with disabling anything via the arguments.

Not sure how many are relevant to OW2, but anything thats not will be ignored

Command line arugments:
--noautoconnect --disableTimeout --disablePlayersNearMe --tank_disablesyslog --tank_DisableStreaming --tank_ShippingOnly --tank_DisablePackageBundles --tank_FullscreenRefreshOverride 30

“Render.13” Section settings the INI:

FullScreenRefresh = "30"
WindowedRefresh = "30"
AADetail = "0"
DirectionalShadowDetail = "0"
DynamicAmbient = "0"
EffectsQuality = "1"
FullscreenWindow = "0"
FullscreenWindowEnabled = "0"
GFXPresetLevel = "5"
LimitToRefresh = "0"
LocalFogDetail = "1"
LocalReflections = "0"
MaxAnisotropy = "16"
MaxEffectsAnisotropy = "8"
MaxExtraQualityAnisotropy = "16"
MaximizedWindow = "0"
RefractionDetail = "0"
RenderBrightness = "0.008507"
RenderContrast = "1.027341"
RenderScale = "0"
ShowFPSCounter = "1"
SimpleDirectionalShadows = "0"
SSAOEnabled = "0"
SSLRDetailLevel = "0"
TranslucentShadowDetail = "4"
TripleBufferingEnabled = "0"
UseGPUScale = "0"
WindowedFullscreen = "1"
WindowedHeight = "1003"
WindowedPosX = "0"
WindowedPosY = "0"
WindowedWidth = "1628"
WindowMode = "1"
  • Again its for anyone who wants to debug on their own but honestly i highly doubt you will have luck if the thread count alone did not change it.

High end spec here and it crashes the same regardless of any configuration, I’ll only be testing after the launcher updates and shows a new version number.

  • Best of luck people. (feel free to find me in CSGO)

Yep, freezed after a couple minutes in the practice range. Was anyone asked to update their client? Maybe thats just not out yet

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true, for me it doesnt ask to update it

My version for reference (game client) not the launcher? currently