Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

that’s what your get for hacking my mom


I swear it’s so depressing to open the game and get crashed again, I am so helpless


It’s sad and frustrating. It seems that nobody in Blizzard cares. Holy shoot…


I agree :frowning:
So sad.

Does anyone have xbox series S because i play overwatch 2 on it after 6 games or so i start experiencing loss of audio constant stuttering and freezing all at the same time! Its just sad hopefully they fix everything soon.

I guess our best bet is try contacting support via tickets. I did a few hours ago. Hopefully they reply before the end of the day, though I’m not sure how much time blizzard takes to respond to these issues

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Right guys. Overwatch 2 is the problem. Don’t change any settings on your PC until Blizzard shows up.


Where i can open a ticket?

That’s right! I created a ticket yesterday (almost an hour after launch man) and I’m still waiting. Hope that someone see it quickly!

Okay, i send a ticket. But i think this is not going to be sucesfuly

You need to look for “Contact” while you are in Blizzard or Overwatch support site, and then look for “Create a new ticket”

Them it will show you a lot of potential solutions thy I’ve already tried and after that you finally tell it that nothing works and let you send the ticket

this thread has been huge and still no response from blizzard

And i don’t know why, we are not 5-6 persons. We are a lot of more people whit this problem.


this is so disappointing in so many levels, they have been ignoring this issue since the first beta


yeah its base for blizz.

Also suffering from this. I was so excited to play OW2 just to see, again, Blizzard being Blizzard.
AMD A4-5300 (2 cores, 2 threads)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050

I have the same GPU (gtx 960), but my CPU is intel-core i3-4350 (dual core)

It’s a horrible feeling. I bought the battle pass but the game is unplayable because of this issue

We’ve been waiting for this game for years and this is what we get :skull: