Game crashing on PS4 CE-34878-0

So so pleased it’s not just me - this crash has been driving me crazy.

Also running a PS4 Pro, I can play Quick Play or Competitive all night, as soon as I switch to Mystery Heroes the crashing will start - I dread the weekly reset as I know I have to endure at least nine arcade games! :smiley:

I’ve done the usual, including removing and reinstalling the game and full reset of my Playstation.

Only noticed it happening since Busan.

Thanks for looking in to it, hopefully a fix soon. :pray:

I also had this problem. never had it before. I reinstalled the game, did a full system initialization. spent two days on these actions. As a result, the problem is not solved, it is impossible to play in the overwatch. Of course, two years have played, and that’s enough.

Hi there,
Same issue for me too. As everyone mentioned it started after the release of the Busan update. I was playing on PS4 Pro, solo, from France. I was afraid my PS4 was dying on me. I saw the crash happen during the Play of the Game but now it just crashes mid-game when playing Mystery Heroes. I basically stopped playing because I don’t want to get a penalty or even getting suspended. That’s a shame because on top of that I didn’t play my placements matches yet either and the Halloween event is coming this week. I’ll be super sad to miss it. We might be a small percentage of the player population (I assume) but having even a few people unable to play the game is unacceptable.

How can an issue that big not being known? I mean, before the patch comes out or a few hours after. How is it acceptable to let people unable to play for that long? I know patches take more time to land on consoles but I think that’s quite an emergency. I’m pretty sure we had some small patches in the past right after the release of a big patch on console, maybe during the last Halloween event? I’m not sure, but I think I remember some small patches outside of big Tuesday updates.

I really hope this issue will be fixed in the Halloween update, but even then it should have been fixed earlier. I’m not hating on Blizzard here at all, but I feel that it’s not fair we have to wait for the next big patch to just be able to play the game. Assuming it will be fixed then. I’m not on social media or other websites like Reddit but it would be great if the issue had a lot of attention. Maybe we could reach Overwatch news YouTube channels like YourOverwatch to spread the word?

I miss Overwatch.


And still no response on what is going on? WORST! CUSTOMER! SERVICE! EVER!

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Happens to me in QP very randomly after a few hours…glad to know it wasn’t just me.

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Checking out the patch notes from todays update ( and it doesn’t appear to have been fixed (unless I’m missing something). $50 coaster for the time being. Luckily, Red Dead comes out in a couple of weeks.

That would be really disappointing. Hopefully it’s fixed but I guess we’ll find out tonight.

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Just finished playing around an hour with no issues. Hopefully it’s fixed. It’s still unacceptable to take a month to fix, considering it was a show stopper, at least for those of us who play Arcade and Mystery Heroes half of the time. If anyone has issues, please post them here…otherwise, happy gaming!!!

I had the crashing issue and followed the steps in the article. It seemed to go away for a few days, but now it’s back and happening while playing comp… I’ll play for about 30 minutes or so, enter the match, and when selecting a character it hits. Really sucks because you are hit with the suspension, and it kicked my endorsement level down. I was super hopeful that something would have been in today’s patch. I’ve not had an issue in the two years I’ve been playing on console, so I guess I’ll be hopping to PC for the time being. Just really hoping this gets fixed sooner than later!

I’ve played a good amount of Mystery Heroes (10+ matches) and have not errored out since the 2.52 patch. Secret fix? Definitely no info in the patch notes but me and my other friend who was having the same problem have not experienced it post 2.52. We couldn’t get through a single game before. Haven’t done any comp though. I’m too scared to try it until the fix is confirmed.

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A quick update since I downloaded the latest patch:
I probably played at least 15 games in Mystery Heroes and about 5 games in Quick Play maybe (solo). I didn’t get the crash a single time, everything went smoothly without any issue. I didn’t try Competitive nor Junkenstein’s Revenge yet as I’m still too scared to encounter the crash again and penalyse my teammates. I really hope that the issue is fixed but as mentioned before it wasn’t in the patch notes. Maybe the issue got fixed on its own like it appeared in the first place?

Fingers crossed. It was great to play Overwatch again it’s been too long.

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I’ve now played 2 hours last night and another 2 tonight with no issues. :+1:

While I’m glad the issue seems fixed-
Can the Devs/Bug Report team/anyone stop acting like the PS4 is some dirty secret and actually tell us when they fix something? This happened with the voice chat bug fix as well, I spent days explaining that people needed to turn their settings back up- because of course, nothing out right in patch notes or forums saying it was fixed!
I’m not asking a lot, just for confirmation that you all looked at, and fixed, a bug. That was in the game for a month.


Was able to play with no issues for a solid 6 hours after the patch, seems to be fixed?

I wish they would have mentioned it in the notes to be sure though.

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Nope. No longer can play comp due to crashes. Dropped from 2200 sr to 1600 sr due to crashes and now I’m suspended. This game is becoming unplayable but I’ve never had a crash in Arcade? Sucks cuz I’ve been playing this game since launch.

Working great for me too on 2.52! No more crashes. But then they had the out of cycle patch on Thursday or Friday (v2.53) and now Eichenwald and Hollywood no longer have the Halloween themes. They’re just the standard daytime maps. Anyone else notice that?

Same! Could play about half a match of comp, then crashes! really sucks

Bump. This still isn’t resolved.

This old issue was long since fixed. Check this thread for updates on the new situation we’re investigating.