Game Crash Detection

Just a few minutes ago my game crashed in a competitive match’s preparing time. The match was cancelled, I lost 50sr, and I was banned for 10 minutes. With 3 days of the season left to go, I really didn’t appreciate this setback.

Why is it that the game can’t detect intentional leaving vs crashing vs manually closing the application etc… and apply accurate punishment??? If the game can make a pop up window that says “Render device lost! Closing the application.” then shouldn’t it be able to also send a simple message (on failure) like this to the server so the server can say “Oh, this guy crashed. I WON’T take away 50sr and I WON’T ban him for 10 minutes, I’ll just cancel the match.”

Edit: I’m referring to the specific scenario where the game somehow closes during preparing. The standing penalty makes sense in the event of a player leaving mid-game, because the player’s team is put at a massive disadvantage.

Because it wouldn’t be too hard to make an app that intentionally crashes your own Overwatch client.

Don’t like the map? Crash. Don’t like the team comp? Crash. Someone took your hero? Crash.


I would kill for this power

Then, on a crash, only apply the ban penalty. People would still dodge via intentional crashing but (especially if the ban length increased with each crash) they would be heavily discouraged.

I don’t see why the 50sr penalty is necessary in the event of a crash causing a game cancellation. I did not heavily disadvantage my team because in 5 seconds the game was cancelled anyways. Not to mention, I loaded the game back up within 10 seconds and I was still unable to rejoin.

Don’t have your game crash ?
See simple fix.

The system isn’t designed to protect you, it’s for the people you team up with who are being put at an disadvantage because YOUR computer crashes. So no, something like that will never happen (and for a good reason).

Even if they’ll able to develop such a system, it will get abused. No thanks.

I’m talking about the specific scenario where the game crashes in preparing. If that happens, there’s no team to be put at a disadvantage because the match gets cancelled. Obviously this penalty should stay for crashes mid-game because the team does get put at a disadvantage.

That’s where you are wrong. Matches getting cancelled are very annoying so even during prep time the penalty should stay. Also, if your game crashes during prep time, it will also crash during the regular game so even more reasons to keep the penalty.

My computer was compliant with everything listed here, I don’t know what caused the crash. Rendering Device Lost - Blizzard Support

I’m not overclocking, my drivers and OS are completely up-to-date, no background applications were using my graphics cards except maybe the blizzard launcher itself, I was not overheating, and all of my system files were present and uncorrupted.

HLC and Paris, something bonkers like Bastion + Hog &, someone instalocking a dps.

Yes, annoying, but not disadvantageous. The other players aren’t harmed whatsoever enough to justify the standing penalty, especially with priority requeue.

And, in the event my game crashes mid-game, I at least have the opportunity to rejoin and mitigate the penalty. I did not have that opportunity this time despite loading the game back up within 10 seconds.

No the systems are also in place to maintain an optimal gaming experience for everyone. Matches getting cancelled, even though very annoying for you too, are a detriment to the gaming experience. Also like I said, if you crash during prep time, you’ll also crash during the regular game.

If it was happening constantly because of deliberate crashes it would become game-breaking. You’d be relying on all 12 people being happy with the match right through set up and including the first 30 seconds of the game. Matches would get cancelled way more often.

Blizzard explains in detail to why all disconnections and game crashes are penalized here:

Please note, earlier today, the internet service provider CenturyLink dealt with major outages which affected millions of users including those trying to play Blizzard games. This is technically, a problem outside of Blizzard’s control and therefore it is appropriately penalized.

I don’t think the leaver penalty is harsh enough - regardless of the reason. I have played the game since beta and have only had the client crash or my internet go down like 3 times.