Further Brigitte Nerfs coming Monday

Continuing the discussion from Incoming PTR Changes:

Combo less oppressive, but pretty sure this is a massive buff to GOATS comp…

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I mean yeah. Y’all complained about the stun which isn’t the problem at this point, it’s mostly how long she can keep up tanks with AoE and burst healing while also providing armor to them. May seem insignificant on paper but they add up.

brig still has her e and her ult

just because her combo got nerfed doesn’t mean the rest of her kit isn’t still strong against tracer

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any new sym buffs?
been playing in comp and they barely made a difference, from a playing as sym perspective and playing along and against sym perspective.
symmetra barely has any power herself, has absolute the worst sustain out of the entire dmg cast (torb would beat her but he has overload now) , on top being the only hero in the game with a start up weapon with way too low damage at the start and the skinny hitbox isnt just an excuse anymore, unless the enemy literally cant aim.
both symmetras i saw died pretty much instantly when the enemy actually focused them.

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I mean, I’m all for turning Brig into a healer and not a tank, but this means she can’t combo Tracer anymore, and I think that’s gonna be a bit of an issue. Sure, she can force Recall every single time, but Tracer will survive the ordeal.


I can’t believe they buffed her healing from 16 HPS to 16.7 HPS, total buff to goats. Game is done.


The stun was part of a huge problem. Her combo did a lot of damage, which is why she has been a DPS hero with the sustain of a healer and the sustain of a tank.

We’ll see where this goes now I suppose.

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The faster cooldown is much more important than the HPS micro-buff of course.

Its a buff and nerf if you consider the fact she cant do a stun combo with rein to shatter

Except this barely does anything to boost her healing capabilities. One extra second of healing won’t do much of anything especially when you realize that the healing doesn’t stack unto itself with each hit. This is why she needed two other supports to help her because her healing isn’t enough to keep up a push and this will not change that.

Effectively gutted. Honestly don’t know why I’m surprised that this has happened thinking that the latest Shield Bash nerf was enough. Now this drops.

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What are they even trying to achieve here? Now Brigitte will be even less active than before, yet the complaint most people have is that she practically plays herself. Why would you buff inspire of all things?

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I’m not honestly sure why they chose to buff inspire, always hated that passive as it seems like a large part of her total hero power is taken by it. Would have preferred a few reverts like shield bash cooldown or shield hp, or maybe a repair pack buff of some sort instead.

Actually the cooldown doesn’t make a difference since inspire doesn’t stack with itself. The extra tick of health only matters for when you’re not able to re trigger the effect quickly, such as the end of the fight.

“stun which isn’t the problem at this point”


she can spam balls that can 2 shot offense when fully charged, Her turret not only drain your hp but freezes you in place like its shooting molasses. Since they removed her “hold left” people have been complaining about damage. Her spam makes her new concept look lazy. Also her new primary fire kills faster then zarya’s beam

The previous one killing Brig’s ability to stun a Rein pretty much whenever was a nerf to GOATs, though. (B/c playing a Rein comp into Brig+Rein comp was suicide before the change.) So overall I dunno…

The only buff sym needs at this point is some sort of dmg boost with her ult, like set her left click to max dmg when she ults or reset her turret count to max.