From THE game, to just a game

Anyone else devote 1,000s of hours to OW1? Become a true diehard fan? Buy merch? Have a character become part of your identity? Play for over half a decade and not lose interest?

And then … now … I still play. I still enjoy this game. But it is now just one game amongst many that I play. Maybe top 5?



Ow2 it’s sometimes fun, sometimes isn’t, I’m not getting that spark of oomph that i got from ow1

Reason, ow2 still has the amazing core gameplay from ow1, but has less features overall, and the features we have are usually just worse versions of whatever ow1 had to offer

Scoreboard might be miles better than the medal system in terms of concept, but the way it’s presented is so much uglier that medal system just felt relaxing to read, which goes for basically every hud related thing on ow2, it’s just worse looking for no reason


OW was more like a secondary game to go for me (it never got close enough to get a character matches my taste completely) but now is indeed just another terribly monetized f2p game.


I don’t think I’ve ever put 1,000 hours into a single game in my life. There’s too much variety out there to do the same thing over and over in my free time





I bought the philly fusion inaugural season shirt because as a british person. I support british talent like boombox, Not Korean spitfire.

Now that team no longer exists and the full team of philly fusion skins that I have are useless because … they don’t exist anymore.


They might give you nostalgia, keep that feeling inside, it’s good to revisit at times

I bought an overwatch sheet and blanket that are amazing, and a Hammond keychain which i was expecting it to be stainless metal but it’s instead this weird soft material, very hard to describe but it’s… Cozy? Idk feels nice to touch, and it surpass my expectative

Sadly ow2 hasn’t done that yet lmao

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Can you go into detail regarding what features your talking about?

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Going from “THE game” to “a game” wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t so much limited-time stuff that required hours of grind. Like, I bought 3 battlepasses so far, and have only once reached the halfway mark before the season ended.


OW1 kind of lost it’s popularity long before OW2 was a thing.

The casual player based dipped not to long after we started to jump from heavily restricted meta to meta.

Game simply wasn’t fun to a lot of people because they would jump in and have their favorite heroes just not be able to be effective for large chunks of the game.

OW2 so far doesn’t have that issue. As a lot of meta’s kind of came down to two+ tanks locking down each others weaknesses. With the occasional specific support set up from time to time.


I learned from the console wars, to never have loyalty to a brand. These people are not your friends, you’re just a wallet to them.


Oof, here i come

  • Leveling the battle pass is not as interesting as leveling up in ow1, since

A. You only unlock stuff if you buy the BP
B. After you complete the BP you have nothing to earn

Unlike ow1 where every level up meant getting closer to a portrait upgrade, a lootbox with guaranteed items, and if you played for so long you got yourself plenty of credits to save on

When i say ow2 gives you nothing is because it truly doesn’t give you anything

  • Hero gallery no longer shows your cosmetic progression unless you hover over a hero, although in part it has to do with F2P not allowing you to have every item in the game, it’s ridiculous that you, as a long time player, can’t see how complete your gallery is, to top this off, you can’t filter on the hero gallery to only show certain items, instead you have to filter per hero, and finally, items that are no longer obtainable don’t go into the legacy caregory, they just chill at the it’s on the BP category and count for progression despite you not being able to get them

  • Switching skin while a match starts no longer displays the event icon the skin comes from, making it more confusing

*;Scoreboard looks ugly and doesn’t display crucial information, I’ll break this down on 3 parts

  1. Match stats
    The stats are fine, however due to how it’s organized, it’s hard to read who specifically has which stat, aside from you as the player, it’s also much harder to read which players of your team have ult, or think which enemy might have ult, all of this because the tab screen is so small you have to force yourself to read it carefully, unlike ow1 where it was bigger, clearer, and a simple glimpse did the job

  2. Role stats
    This is useless, honestly
    They should get rid of these stats and put them on the personal stat info

Why does Hammond have objective time? Why does torb have final blows? What if i want to see my objective time as lucio? Welp im screwed game won’t tell me, I’m not on the tank role that, from that design perspective, should be the only ones contesting the point

Just why hide information for me

  1. Personal stats
    There’s too much blank space, ow1 used to have it filled with a section of general stats, and hero specific stats, however on ow2 it feels messy, as if doesn’t split the 2, and it often feels like it has unimportant stats, or missing important ones

For example, why can’t baptiste show me healing amplified, why does instead show me immortality stats TWICE

Finally, i hate that the scoreboard is not centered, more of my thing but dam i hate it

  • Highlight intros are no longer accessible from the main menu, instead from the career profile, which means it has to take the extra step of loading the career profile which takes a long amount of time, almost makes you not want to watch your highlights as you’ll probably find a match while you get to the menu

  • You can no longer pin replays mid game, as the history tab is gone once you enter a game, just QoL change removed

  • The history tab itself is unnecessary, since highlights would be much better on the main menu, together with replays, and game report is honestly such a useless page i have no words

  • The searching for game notification has a major design flaw, which is that, as soon as you queue into a game, and click challenges, you can’t click other tabs such as hero challenges, due to the notification being on top of it, they should make it so that the notification By default is shrinked, and that if you hover over it, as soon as you move the cursor away, the notification shrinks, not having it be on the middle for no reason

May be a dumb complain, but no joke this has been bothering me for 1.5 months by now, when i realized hero challenges now have 1 extra icon for every hero

  • Arcade feels… Useless(?)
    With no arcade rewards like ow1, and every major mode being on unranked anyway, total mayhem lasting ages due to not having any CC to stop the ability spam, and no limits not having the same niche it had on ow1, it feels pointless to play arcade(?) Personally at least

  • Competitive now gives MUCH lesser rewards (like I’ll calculate about 60% less points) for asking you to play MORE of the game

Ow1 used to give, let’s put random number, 450 comp points by placing on plat, this applied to every role, and open queue used to give like, let’s say, 700, so doing all of your placements (25 matches between 5 per role + 10 for open queue) would guarantee you over 1000 points

Right now
You have to WIN 25 matches, which means best case scenario, 100% winrate, it’s the same amount of matches, realistic case scenario with a 50% Winrate you’ll take 50 MATCHES to only get like 400 points because only one role counts, but you’re still forced to win those 25 matches

  • Kill feed no longer displays enviromental kills or kills with an ability, only ultimate, critical or non critical kills, which is a lot less exciting, even a lot less funny for the environmental ones

  • Replays no longer end on the typical slowdown before showing TEAM X WINS with the victory font and Animation, instead it just… Ends… In such an underwhelming way it makes C9 replays boring (heck I’m mad about that one)

  • Endorsement rewards from being on a certain level only give xp which, again, is useless

It should be giving ow1 credits at the very least

Oof, now lets jump into console specific

  1. It’s very common for you to have incorrect loads which means the map WILL have weird lightning, and i dont mean missing a shadow, i mean the floor looking neon green just because, and it’s one way to get blind i guess

  2. Problem i have since launch and have even resetted my keybinds COMPLETELY, hero specific rebind doesn’t work at times, i don’t think this is for everyone or a hero specific issue, it’s just uh, bad luck i guess, but i used to have mercy damage boost and rez buttons swapped when i played on switch, that no longer applies in game despite the settings saying it does, and you can’t do anything about it, it’s mercy specific in my case, and it’s basically uncomfortable i already uninstalled from switch

  3. It’s very common for console replays to crash, not only that, but in ow1 you could manually move the progress bar to whatever point you wanted, in ow2, you’re forced to skip in sections of 20s (or more if you change it) if you wanna get to the part you want, but good luck having the replay not crash by the time you get to that lol

Idk if i should keep going, the rest is countless bugs, and overall I’m tired of writing lmao
Hope this explains uh, what’s missing

Edit: this apparantely sounded angry sooo, sorry? lmao, it was not intended to come out that way

Edit 2: hopefully better organized


Wow thank you dude, that’s a lot to consider. Copy and paste this into it’s own forum with context. It could be considerably helpful for the devs.

This is well organized, and isn’t mean spirited by any means.


If you use Fusion skins on Supports, think about Alarm. Thats why i’ve bought Fusion Ana even though she was my least played character at that time.

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It starts with the biggest change the game has received: going free 2 play

When the goal of the game becomes “maximize how much you can get out of your target consumer” and not actually making a great game….it shows

target here meaning people who are willing to splurge on cosmetics

They are more concerned with making sure they promote their battlepass as much as possible (pretty much all your progression is tied to it now - hello hero on bp btw) and ensuring that they have stuff to offer in the shop than whether or not say matchmaking isn’t a complete mess

Go watch any OW2 trailer or announcement video and count how many times they emphasize that the game is free now

Like that’s it…that’s where the entire focus is at the moment…they have no commitment to the majority of their customers because that is not who the game is for anymore

And that’s just from the devs standpoint….because the free accounts also lead to game quality drops from the player side as well….you can’t even be happy that a report leads to action because you know that person is already playing again on another account


Like I know people are going to talk about balance and 5v5 and matchmaking and such (all contributing factors for sure)….but the thing that really is ruining the game is f2p…the game itself is secondary….it’s harder to get away with that when people pay to actually play your game….you have to come through then


I like OW2 a lot better than OW1. But, I guess to each their own.

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For me OW2 has been great so far. My only complain this season is the map pools. I’m a bit bored and miss Eichenwalde and Busan. But this will be fixed next season so I guess I’m luck.

The cosmetics in OW1 was a lot easier to get but even then it was just skins and not what I loved from the game. I used to be hyped about them because it was basically the only new thing we got in the last years.

This seasonal model is great for me. New maps and heroes was everything I needed. As long as we got this I’ll be happy with OW2

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It was my main game from 2016 to 2020. I transitioned to Dead by Daylight for a period until eventually Genshin became my main game. Hot Waifu > toxic gamers and inept developers.

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No i’m not making it up


Yeah I nearly brought the Mei statue and now I don’t care about her one way or another and would be looking for a refund if I had.

What killed the game for me is they ruined all three of my mains. First deleted Sym, then ruined Sombra then ruined Mei. No exaggeration, every hero loved and spent hundreds of hours on got ruined. And those are just my three mains, they have ruined lots of other people’s mains too. The constant reworking is absolutely idiotic on blizzard’s part. People fall in love with a hero’s kit and they just completely change the kit, what is wrong with theM?

This game was so interesting and unique and fun when it came out and they ruined it because they couldn’t stop fiddling with it. It’s sad. It almost makes me angry how they could ruin something so good the way they did.

Think I have 3500 hours on OW1 and now I barely play it as every hero I loved got ruined, and I’m not even exaggerating when I use the word ruin.


Same core gameplay as OW1, but with inferior features. Probably the best way to describe OW2 that I’ve heard.