From constantly delaying to just outright lying



This is probably one of the most incomprehensible things that the development team has ““fixed”” for this game. One of the few unique features that Ashe had, one that they advertised, deemed an “unnecessary bug” and taken out.

Four years ago, they did the exact opposite change, allowing Ashe to gain Ultimate Charge while B.O.B. is out.


Do these people not create and keep notes for what characters are allowed and designed to do? Can’t wait to see next patch where they “fix” Hanzo being able to ricochet Storm Arrows.


They also lied about the new hero being ‘Mercy cute’. All Blizzard does is lie.



I think lying about a character’s aesthetics and appearance is far less egregious than lying about one of the core features behind a character. One is subjective, the other was designed to have it.


The game is so inconsistent with what ults get ult-charge while active, vs which ones does not and its a bit confusing that it’s not the same across the board.

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It’s not inconsistent, though. Characters that have their primary fire augmented don’t gain ultimate charge like Genji, Cassidy, and Soldier; characters that spawn other entities still gain ultimate charge from their kit with the exception of the entity. Hanzo, Torbjorn, and Wrecking Ball all work the same.

The only outlier is Symmetra, but I think we’ve played this song and dance long enough to know they don’t care about Symmetra.


It seems far more likely that either:

  1. There was a miscommunication to whoever was given the job to write up the patch notes
  2. Or at some point in the last few months they made the decision to change this and there was a bug that also got fixed, aso the patch notes were generated from the wrong change description.

Can you come up with an actual explanation as to why they would intentionally/maliciously lie about something so trivially stupid? Like what nefarious purpose is there behind them saying it’s a bug both times. What is the end goal?


It is REALLY damn sloppy. I don’t want to be “one of those” people… but idk how someone who plays this game wouldn’t know that the Ashe charge thing was intended (and not a bug like the new notes claim)

I’m assuming internally a lot of devs have left and new ones have taken their place. Maybe the new ones didn’t look at old patch notes? That’s literally my best faith take on this and even then it looks bad on the part of the devs.

That would make sense… if they didn’t actually remove Ashe from charging while BOB is out. Streamers that had access to the patch reported that it’s was implanted so that isn’t the case.

If it was an intentional change, they would have mentioned it under balance and not bugs. If it all got mixed up, it still looks bad on them.

I personally don’t think the devs are nefariously trying to sneak in changes- I think they’re doing sloppy work by overlooking this and to go so far as to implement it… Don’t they have people proofread? Aren’t they a team?

It doesn’t have to be something nefarious. I didn’t create a thread to accuse Team 4 of having some deep-seated hatred and prejudice against Ashe players.

My question is: she’s been out for 5 years this November, and she’s already had bugs fixed for her ultimate. Either someone’s not paying attention when they look at their designs and kit, they’re not keeping track of what a character is supposed to do, or they horribly bungled the formatting in the patch notes, and none of those look good.

Does their patching system not keep patch history, or did that break too alongside their hotfixer?

I’d wager you’d have to play the game first.

This game is turning into CalvinBall.

They did this with mei too, you can check the patch notes and see when they made the change to allow healers like ana to heal her while she’s in iceblock. Later they “fixed” that and said it was a bug lol.

they also did it with Mercy, claimed her ability to boost dragons was a bug when it was in the game since release. I know for a fact the Ashe one is a lie because they said in a past patch that when Ashe wasn’t receiving ult charge with bob out, they bug fixed it back. Maybe Im misremembering, but I distinctly remember that.


My guess is its a weird and unneeded change and they couldn’t come up with a reason as to why they decided to nerf her that way and just lied about it.

I mean, you did straight up call them “outright liars” - I’m unsure how else to interpret that part of it.

Generally speaking patch history is not kept and organized in a super nice fashion like what you might expect. There’s a pretty solid chance that what is out on the game’s patch notes website is pretty much all they have as well. It’s not really all that uncommon that patch notes are generated by someone other than the code devs who made the changes by simply being told to “look at the payload (list of changes) since the last official release and summarize it.” If the developer in question here is not an actual programmer, then often times the changes can be very hard to interpret if youre not familiar with the internals of how things work.

What I mean by #2 is: At some point in the development of the patch for season 4, they made the decision to change this. They made the change but maybe a day or week later during testing they noticed something didnt work. The programmer then writes up another change with a pull request into the source code entitled “Fix bug where Ashe’s ult charge still charges when BOB is out.” Then when it comes to summarize patch notes, the original change goes unnoticed in favor of the later bug fix.

This is absolutely something that I’ve done at work myself. When there are potentially hundreds of code checkins between official releases, it can be really easy to miss something.

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yeah it’s weird that they claim things are bugs when they’re not. Or if these things really are bugs, why did they leave it unchanged for literally years? its not like it was a rare thing that sometimes happened. It’s 100% consistently there lol. I feel like it just makes them look bad either way. Either they lied or let a pretty big “bug” that everyone knew about stay in the game for years.

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But… why? They could easily just say “Ashe is overperforming, we decided to nerf her a bit.” I don’t think they need some really in depth reasonings for everything.

Yaaa Idk whats going on in their conversations or ideas or anything right now. S4 looks so out of wack as a whole.

idk, but its weird that on multiple occasions there have been “bug fixes” that definitely arent bug fixes and are also nerfs. Maybe it could be miscommunication but its weird that its happened at least 3 separate times, and its always nerfs.

But there’s far simpler explanations for such things like what I mentioned above. I feel like simple miscommunication and disorganization is a far more reasonable explanation than a coordinated effort by the dev team to be serial liars.

I definitely see your reasoning here but what still bothers me is that if this take the case, I assumed they wouldn’t hard nerf Ashe like this. They would either lower her max ult charge or increase the rate.

Though this could be a situation where they did in fact do that, but it wasn’t in the notes. then when content creators reported on it, they went based on the notes and something like ult charge gain rate and cost can be really easy to miss if you’re not actively comparing/looking for it.

We’ll have to wait until Tuesday but without original Ashe it’s hard to compare 1:1.