FPS Drop on start of games

For some reason recently with no changes to my computer specs, and fully fresh updates on my drivers and everything, lately everytime i launch overwatch my first two games have me at really low fps and suddenly its shoots back up to my normal high fps. Is there a fix to where i can just have my constant fps from the beginning? Idk why it only started now, i even cahnged the wires on the back of my monitors

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Make sure you follow these instructions.

Do you have an AMD graphics card by any chance? I’m having the same issues with the latest AMD drivers (from 23.7.1 onward) on my RX 5700XT. If you have an AMD graphics card from the RX 6000 series or older, try installing driver 23.5.1 (search Google for “23.5.1 guru3d”) and see if it improves. On that version I have no issues with low performance when first starting Overwatch each time.

See the forum post below for more information:


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