Founders Pack not showing up

Hey. I hope this is a bug and not me being unqualified for the Founders Pack.
Owned OW1 since 2016 and played 1000+ hrs. Last time I played OW1 is probably 3-6 months ago.
I have read in different articles that players who bought OW1 before June 23rd 2022 would receive the Founders Pack for logging in to OW2 before December 5th 2022.

I hope my account still counts as “active” and eligible for this even though I have not touched OW1 for 3-6 months. I really want the special cosmetics and free access to the 3 new heroes.


Same here… Hopefully everything get’s fixed and we get our stuff soon!

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Same for me, custa was streaming on Twitch and said all purchases are expected to have a delay or not even work initially.

They said just wait. I hope it goes thru before the season ends.


Thanks for making this post! Question aren’t all of the Heros from the first Overwatch supposed to be unlocked if you owned Overwatch 1?


I’m having the same problem. Any solution.

Same here, and it does not show up as DLC in the shop for my console like the watchpoint pack does. I was excited to play the new support but I guess I have to grind while I wait for the fix.

Same here, i get only this icon, and that all please help

Same here, thanks for your post :((((

Ihan sama minulle käytin 40 turhaan

All my characters and items from ow1 are in ow2. I have my account merged from xbox and pc and both show all my stuff. As far as the founders pack, nowhere to be seen on either platform.

Yeah same here, I’ve owned the overwatch 1 for like more then one year and still don’t have my founders pack:(

Not showing up for me either

Same here. Adding to see replies.

im having the same problem too.

I’m also having this issue. Played OW1 Beta and owned from the start but no sign of the founders pack……

I am also having this issue.

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I’m also have this problem on ps5

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Same here. I want to play kiriko and I can’t. I bought Overwatch a couple of years ago and yet I still don’t have access to it.

Same here, buy the game on release date and I don’t have kiriko, the 2000 points or the pass

Same here. We paid for something and not getting that service.

It’s just like the reverse of this:
Hey blizzard can I have some tokens, I’ll pay for them when a mate fixes me up with some cash.

You don’t let us do that, why should you do it to us?