Forum HTML tutorial


Yup, you might want to use a gif optimizer (you can find many online like Ezgif Optimizer), they compress every frame in the gif with a lossless (no quality loss) or lossy (some quality loss) compression, you can also lower the resolution and so on…
The other option is using a video editor to do it yourself!

This gif should be 3.9MB so let’s see if it works with <img>

Edit: It doesn’t work ^^


The problem with the secret message <is it can’t use punctuation.>

<!--While this one can.-->

Not a big issue for most people I guess, unless you’re one of the few who have to be as grammatically correct as they can be.


You’re right indeed, I’m gonna edit the guide to specify it soon ^^

Edit: added, thank you very much for the contribution!


thank you, thank you, thank you for this!


I’m glad you found it useful!

@linkdude240 it looks like they are testing iframes ^^ (I'm not sure if this is the right way to @mention someone)


Looks like my thread was unpinned :thinking:. I’m not sure if it’s the same thing that happened to Mercy Megathread a few days ago or if it had been done manually. In any case if you feel like this could be useful to you, be sure to bookmark it! 


Thank you for this. It’s so helpful! I just have one question though - how do you do the black squares in which you gave examples to your explanations, like this

Thanks again :heart:


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With a “>”

> Hello, World!

Hello, World!


But what’s the “=” for?


I think he wanted to use the = to show you both the example code and the result because they are the same thing! I hope it clarified a bit! Glad you liked it tho :slight_smile:


Alright, thank you and thank @Dr4gon97 too <3


Thanks lol. I’m still not sure if it’s just temporarily unpinned or not because I used to see this kind of message when threads were unpinned

which is not the case in my thread :thinking:



7-18-5-1-20 23-15-18-11 4-18 7-15-14


I think that has been already solved :stuck_out_tongue:


Does marquee work?

Bouncing text!

Edit: Nope


Unfortunately no. I kinda see why though, I wouldn’t want to see a thread full of marquee’d comments. That’d be a mess lol



Took them long enough to get this thread back where it belongs.


Hello amigos!

I created this one for the European Spanish forum.