Forum HTML tutorial


Hey, this got pinned! :o



If any mods read this, can someone give me back the permission to edit the guide so I can edit it or add more things in it? Thanks in advance ^^

Very small text aheadThanks, this is really helpful! <3


surrender your html tags



this took like half an hour to make. Appreciate it.


That looks amazing. Great job haha

<!--Has anyone mentioned the most important tag yet?-->

Use the Quote function in replies to find out what’s so great about it.


Anyone know how to put in gifs? Sorry if its already been answered :grinning:


I think for images you need trust level 3.


To insert a gif image either you paste its link in the reply or you could use <img src="linktoyourimage.gif"/> . Remember you need to be a Level 3


There we go!

(Tom Powers) #130

You should now be good to go. :+1:

I apologize for the delay.


Thanks Tom, it works fine now :slight_smile:


I’m sad that the forums don’t allow for font color changes, only colored highlighting. I wanted to give a GOLD star but it’s just coming up as white


Thanks anyway :star:

Btw guys it looks like i’ve reached level 3, I’m going to improve this tutorial very soon with a few pics to make it easier to understand


I already knew HTML but this was very nice of you. what helped me was the big tag. I was using paragraph/size settings originally here. ty

is there an OW equivalent of giving gold?


What where you using before? I’m curious because styles aren’t allowed on the forum and you may have found a workaround for it ^^

I don’t think so but I’m glad it helped you!


[p][font size=“25” ]size 25 [/font][/p]

NOTE: i used brackets bc <> hide tags

I’m so used to normal HTML5 and CSS that I often confuse it with varying forum syntaxes


i suggest you to escape left bracket using &lt;