Forum HTML tutorial


I am so glad you got it! You are for sure an important member of these forums ^^


Nice. Great post!


I need to print and hang it on the wall


Omg how did I forget about Monika!!?

(I accidentally deleted her one time)


I see what you did there :smirk:


Hello, World!


Yas! Thanks for the tutorial mate!


Do I get a degree if I read it all?


Not like it’l ever matter to me im never gonna be lvl 3 im at zero forever


I’m glad you found it useful :smiley:

I’m sure you’ll eventually reach level 3, don’t worry ^^. You’re already level 2. In the meantime you can still use anything else besides <img> or <a>

have fun

Probably not but you have my gratitude ahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

(Tom Powers) #103


threads are being pinned

meanwhile i still dont know if brigitte will have a caramelldansen dance for anniversary
im mad


Oh my… those 2008 flashbacks will haunt me for the rest of the night


Congratulations for getting your thread pinned! You desserve it! It helped me and I hope it will now help many more people :smiley:


dansa med oss
Klappa era händer
Gör som vi gör ta nagra steg at vänster
Lyssna och lär
Missa inte chansen Nu är vi här med
i regret writing this i dont know how to make text small again help


Remember for each start tag you open, you’ll need an end one. Once you’ve created them just enclose the text inside

This is the correct way to handle multiple tags
<big><big>Hello, World!</big></big>

@Ivan Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Oh wow, this got stickied! cool beans!


How do I make the arrows where I can click on them and then I can see the stuff inside and then I can close them

Edit: ok never mind i found out how



You sir are a hero and this post deserves a sticky. Here is a like.

.h1 { color:#e87676; }


No CSS3 support? Son, I am dissapoint!