Forced losses? Or no?

What do you think? Is it a thing, or just copium?


If I ever get a loss streak going on, I know for certain I’m going to get a win streak going on at some point and vice versa.


Pretty sure it’s copium driven by a lack of clarity and a very interesting (read: wonk as hell) matchmaker.
I don’t get forced wins which would be solid evidence that they’re pushing 50/50, just some really lopsided games.
Some are more lopsided than others.

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In competitive not sure.

In quickplay the forced “50% win, 50% loss” rate IS definitely a thing.

It’s also a good situation to remind everyone that Activision/Blizzard has a patent on an algorithm giving people privileges who paid for ingame services, like boosting winrates and similar.
Activision Patent to Manipulate Matchmaking


Individual matches aren’t forced win or lose.

However, if your personal skill level doesn’t change, by its inherent design, the odds of you winning future games does change.

So it is true that if you win a game, you will almost certainly have to pay for it by losing a game later on, else the game will just repeatedly stack increasingly unfair matches on you as you get outclassed by your enemies.

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diego loses entire current match. devs may reverse rig it, live, to counteract prediction.

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forced lose doesn’t exist


yeah because the devs are monitoring your every game to make sure you don’t win enough


edit: nvm it’s the guy who says cheaters are anti-riggers that restore competitive integrity


funny how i’m rarely wrong. i get it. envious bitterness. you’re upset how i cover both angles. the usual correct prediction + any action to counteract prediction. when match isn’t rigged, i don’t make prediction. reasonable. equitable.

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50/50 probability is random. The more times to play, the less random it becomes.

I can’t say if there’s force lose or no, but I can certainly say that the game tries to delay your ranking up as much as possible to extent the time you spend in the game.

It’s not a thing. What you’re seeing here is a combination of psychological effects that make people believe that the matchmaker is designed around them and their experience. People aren’t good at dealing with randomness. We need explanations for why things happen to us, and aren’t good at accepting that you only have a ±10% influence in a game at your proper your rating. 90% of the game is out of your control, but it’s easier to believe that a malicious actor is out to get you, and you are otherwise totally in control of whether you win or lose.

If we introduced sacrifices and prayer we could start a religion.

The presence of forced losses would imply there are also forced wins. And I have yet to see anyone make a complaint thread that they’re ‘winning too much.’

The matchmaker is not out to get anyone: it’s just bad.

Hard copium. It is the gamblers fallacy taken to its logical conclusion combined with the fact that people do not have a static mentality so losses make them tilted.

from personal experience its 100% a thing. the matchmaking is just terrible rn.

anyone still denying the obvious is a clown :clown_face:


Nope. That’s pure copium. Get much better.


Forced would entail intent and thought neither of which describes the current team that runs OW. More then likely they messed up how people are ranked because of the new system and most people don’t deserve their current rank making for terrible matchmaking.

I think it’s a thing for QP where it’s very loosey-goosey. They don’t want people with less than 25% winrate on their most played heroes, certainly. I saw one with 27% though… on Mercy.

If countless ppl are experiencing the same thing it is probably not just imagination.


People sort of misinterpret forced 50/50. Blizzard has said there are games you’re favored to win and games you’re favored to lose. Keep winning, your games WILL get harder - whether that’s by having lower rated teammates PLUS facing higher rated teams or some combination of those.

Keep losing, your games WILL get easier until you start to win again. Rinse, repeat.

In OW1, there was a lot of win one lose two win two lose one win two lose two. In OW2 it seems like the streaks have gotten longer, both win and lose. THere’s also just plain old random variables that can skew this one way or another.

So it’s not TECHNICALLY forced 50/50 but that is generally what it becomes unless you’re either so outskilling your lobbies that you climb regardless or you have been so boosted that you fall regardless.

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