Fluctuating SIM Value

Hey guys im still having a problem with my SIM value. It is fluctuating like crazy and really throws my aim off. The first 2 numbers are a constant 3.3ms meanwhile the third one is the unstable value, going from 3.3ms to 15ms, really going crazy. For me its unplayable since you cant get used to different input delays. I’d wish a constant value so i can finally play the game. My game runs at 300fps not dropping a single frame in training mode, maybe in comp i drop to 280. Once had a fix but i forgot since its nearly 2 years ago. Had a post here too but cant find the topic anymore. I followed every single step in the Performance Troubleshooting guide, didnt help. I tried to cap my frames at 200, didnt help. Energy is set on high performance, didnt help. Its just that one SIM value fluctuating and it doesn’t stop.
My rig:
Intel Core i7-8700K Processor
Asus ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming Mainboard
GTX 1070 Gigabyte G1 Gaming
G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 32GB RAM 3200 Mhz
Samsung 970 Evo M.2 SSD 1TB

I appreciate any kind of help!

Since this is more of an enthusiast question, as you’re not having an installation, patching, or crashing issue, I recommend moving it to the General forum. You’ll likely get more feedback from other enthusiasts, as that forum is more active. :smiley_cat:

I looked my problem up further in details, and what i found out is that my frames drop no matter what by 30 frames no matter what cap im using. Everytime im having a Framedrop my Input Delay rises and that frequently. If i cap at 300, frames drop to 270. If i cap at 250, frames still drop and the delay gets freaky again. Even if i cap at 200, where my system should normaly be able to maintain that framerate no matter what, framerates still drop and the delay doesnt stop fluctuating. What can i do about it to stop the frames drop so frequently. I mean, ive seen no lower than 270 when i capped at 300, how come that the frames still drop when im capping at 200? I cant explain it to myself. To fix this problem i need to cap at 100 frames per second, where theres really no drop at all, but i cant imagine playing with that framerate since im using a 240hz monitor. I used to play at 300 frames with no drops!

I’ve been having the same issue, even dropping 5-10 frames throws off the sim. It’s been driving me nuts. I feel like the longer I play for the more noticeable it gets.

I’ve followed the optimization guide they have pinned on the forum, I’ve changed Nvidia control panel settings and it hasn’t fixed it. I’ve reinstalled the game too, and windows and video card driver and it still happens. If you find a fix let me know because it’s getting annoying.

This is absolutely infuriating. I have never had a single issue i wasn’t able to resolve with any game ever…this is the single exception. there doesn’t seem to be a proper answer to this problem anywhere. just threads that trail off into nothingness. overwatch is such a poorly optimized game, its insane.