Fixing lore "bugs"

I know, this is a section dedicated to the functional aspects of the game, but I want to try to provide some feedback to pass on to the lore department. I hope it’s not inappropriate. :pray:

Lore notions

1 - Sojourn became an aunt too early.

Here there is a mathematical inconsistency reached with the lore of the novel “Sojourn” which sees the first omnic attacks. Today it has been made canon that Sojourn is 47 years old, while in the codex it has now been universally consolidated that the Omnic crisis began 28 years ago. It therefore means that in the novel Sojourn is 19 years old. The problem? her sister TWIN Valentine and her daughter Bonnie, who is 5 years old. It means that this daughter was conceived at 14 years old. Now I don’t rule out the possibility that sojourn’s sister is a single mother but… 14 is really too young an age to suddenly be a mother today, let alone in the future of Overwatch. Sojourn can objectively afford to have another 3-4 years more in her biography, in order to make her already much more likely to be as mature as she is described in the novel and above all to better accept Valentine’s condition as a mother girl at 17 years, with a daughter who is 5 years old at the time of the Omnic crisis. :family_woman_girl:

EDIT: A very useful feedback by Gwadael which highlighted the dating of Sojourn’s robotic conversion and military training more precisely. :face_with_monocle: this makes the increase in age for sojourn even more justifiable.


2 - Kiriko is too young compared to the Shimada brothers

an obvious piece of feedback that is going viral is Kiriko’s unnatural age which, although quite plausible with how she is represented in the cinematic (very youthful), is completely inappropriate in the representation of the video orgins with the age gap with the Shimada brothers . Let’s talk about a difference with Genji (the youngest Shimada brother) of 16 years! it also conflicts with the interactions with genji in game in which childhood/adolescence experiences are alluded to, since the apprenticeship of “twenty-one year old kiriko” is inevitably a confirmation of the Shimada brothers already of age. I think it’s time to clear up this lore by raising Kiriko’s age by… well, maybe 7 years? it would perhaps be more interesting to make her a truly more “mature” leader for kanezaka’s yokai squad, although I understand that the intention was to give her a “rebel girl” vibe. I understand that there was an oversight with the lore to give her a connection to pre-existing characters but… it’s definitely honest to give up something like “the rebellious little girl” . :pensive: perhaps making her a peer of Tracer (28 years old) and describing her as having been involved in training with the Shimada at an extremely young age (many Japanese stories deliberately exaggerate the beginning of a warrior’s apprenticeship) can “save” her lore.

there is a small detail that makes me think of another inconsistency: in Kiriko’s biography it is explicitly said that the clan head Shimada Sojiro died when she was 12 years old. “kiriko 21 years old” makes a rather obvious mathematical calculation canonical:

37 genji age - ( 21 Kiriko age - 12 Kiriko age at sojiro death ) = 28 Genji's age at the time of his father's death

Raising Kiriko’s age could also make it more plausible that Sojiro Shimada’s death occurred at a time when Genji needed to be more responsible for his family. or in case you don’t want to change this information, make her more aware of the danger that Kanezaka suffered with Sojiro’s death.

3 -Mondatta's death must necessarily be more recent.

Within PVE, there is a detail that significantly changes the perspective of Overwatch lore. in the tab dedicated to Mondatta:

He championed peaceful coexistence between omnics and humans and attends countless outreach event before he was assinated a few years before the return of Null Sector.

This is a HUGE inconsistency for Winston lore, where London Calling literally made it canon that the events of the cinematic Alive (Mondatta’s death) coincide on the same day as the Recall. The Zero Hour lore has often been criticized because Winston would wait about a year after the Recall with almost no one helping him like Tracer or Mei (to be more specific about what he did during OW1), but setting the events of Mondatta’s death to “a few years ago” makes the lore of Winston and Tracer, the protagonists who started the rebirth of Overwatch, even more nonsense. It makes many of their “non-interventions” inexplicable, such as Talon’s incursions into Egypt or the entire Numbani lore which never once mentions an intervention by Tracer or Winston despite being the first to previously prevent the gauntlet from being stolen. What I’m asking for is a simple revision of this part of the codex, changing that “few years” to “few time before the return of the Null Sector

4 - About Cole Cassidy

Ok, you have decided to change his name and you have made a very specific choice. what I’m asking here is something else: couldn’t you change the name also in digital media within the official website? perhaps in the comics, or even in the kindle version of Deadlock Rebels where the new name is often mentioned (in the French edition it was completely censored, at least to avoid as much as possible the streisand effect on new players who are forced to know everything old name thing, and I doubt you’ll want to quote that “a cowboy decided to change his name” tweet to make something you don’t want to mention canonical in the future.

Some functional notes

Website bug

Junkrat and Torbjorn web pages are not viewable. or at least, I can’t see them in the list of heroes. can you fix them?;

Preventive feedback for Bastion and OR14

Recently we got to see an OR14 that is literally a null sector version of Orisa OW2, including a javelin. as a reader of the lore, I am very worried about this detail when thinking back to archives uprising. I sincerely would like all developers to keep in mind that the Bastion and Orisa reworks are EXCELLENT lore-based solutions hce make these two omnics custom mods by Torbjorn Lindholm and EfI Oladele on this Bastion E54 and OR15.

If you have the revival of archives Uprising in your future plans (and I really hope so, it’s part of the Overwatch lore) I would like you to maintain the original balances of the original ow1 Bastion (the stationary turret and the self-propelled tank) and Orisa (anchor shield) as enemy NPCs. It also makes it canon with what we see in the cinematic Hoinor and Glory, and it would indeed be an excellent opportunity to give the OR14s of the Null Sector that blade that you applied in some PVE robots. It would be really great not to ignore this detail. :pray: please, dont forget of this opportunity on this little detail.

Navigation bar in cinematics

I love being able to see cinematics in PVe, but it’s really annoying that there isn’t a navigation or pause bar to see them in the codex. they are really too long, and it would be more enjoyable to be able to pause or go back or forward with the length of the videos.

  1. in relation to the later notes: I, too, would LOVE to see the Archives missions come back. I fear the reason the event was skipped this year was due to a combination of the team preserving resources for other events/the story missions, and a fear that having the Archives event appearing ANYWHERE in OW2 would create confusion, and worse, comparison between it and the story missions. But as someone who’s only started playing with the sequel I would love to play the old Archives missions in whatever capacity they can be provided in this game, just to get to experience them firsthand. They’d fit so nicely into the Missions card UI we have now, too…

  2. I second the last point on having navigation bars/more convenient pausing in the in-game cinematic viewer. It’s woefully inconvenient for detail-hunters needing to just start from the beginning or spam the pause button when getting to whatever scene/frame they’re trying to look at

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