Change Kiriko's age

Make her at least 24, but 26 is more realistic. Dropping the ball on lore is a deathly sin.


Just pull a time skip card.

Mei woke up nearly a decade later. So… her age is 33, but she might really be closer to 40 something in time.

No that doesnt fit the lore what so ever

Mercy: “Well, there was that one pilot who got lost in time”

  • Tracer: What’s the most crazy thing you’ve seen as a doctor?
  • Mercy: Well, there was one pilot who was lost in time.
  • Tracer: Aaaah, right… laughs That was an adventure! Sorry about that!
  • Mercy: Don’t be. You were worth it.

? That isn’t a time skip in the same way kiriko was 4 when genji was 20 yet their voice lines acted like they were at most 6 years apart

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Moving her age up slightly wouldn’t fill the lore plot holes any better and would just make her own personality and non-Shimada lore worse.

The only thing they really need to do is retcon and just say the art was inaccurate to their ages.


The reality just shows how little effort goes into this game in places profit cannot be made from, and exists more for pandering purposes than actually creating a cohesive story

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For me it’s a good feedback for think it as a “lore bug”

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Nah its what happens when you purge talented writers and replace them with yes men who sell out for a check

Well tbh Chu wasnt that much better either, specially after retconning whole D.Va starcraft champion background

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she didnt age while in cryostasis so biologically she is 33 while chronologically she would be 43