Fixed It For You (Sombra edition)


These changes adequately balance the advantages Sombra is being given. Twelve seconds is plenty of time for Sombra to kill a hacked enemy or decide to retreat before her translocator vanishes.


Cool idea I like it, too bad the devs will never consider it, even if they see it


Balancing her would be way easier if they didn’t decide hack had to be her hands down most powerful ability.


Take that, and revert her last nerf on live servers, and she’d be perfect


Yes! Yes, this version would be fantastic! And fix some of her bugs, while you’re at it.


Would be sooo much fun fighting against an invisible sombra hiding in a bush near the payload for 1 hour…


It’s easy to shoot around the payload or use a sonic arrow or Widow’s ult. Big fat deal.


Yes, IF you have an ult, or a hanzo.


The way he plays, it’s more of a question of when you DON’T have a Hanzo.


Mei? Hanzo? D.Va? Hammond? Literally just spraying bullets around the objective? Maybe putting an ounce of thought into countering a hero? Outrageous I know.


Now you’re just talking crazy talk! Sir, I demand you leave and find your senses, then come back!

(I’m just joking!)


So the sombra in your scenarios can’t see the enemy, or what they are doing?


Or Pharah. Or Reinhardt. Or Moira. Pretty much anyone who can throw wide swaths of damage can hit 4m around the payload easy.


Does the Sombra in your scenario have some way to make themselves undetectable from Sonic Arrow or have a cloak that doesn’t switch off from one tick of damage?


Moira can’t.
Pharah takes a long time.

Rein could work, but If he has to stop the sombra, who is shielding the team?


Winston! DVa! Anyone shooting in any direction.


She has unlimited stealth. And is fighting on a point with a huge radius…
While her team is helping…


If the team needs shielding then Sombra contesting in stealth is wasting her time.


Winston could work, but that would mean you would always need to have a Winston on the point.


Stealth contesting is only helpful when her team isn’t on the point, so… so what? Good thing you aren’t QA.