Fix loss of connection punishment

You leave game (intentionally or disconnect) you lose SR, working as intended.
The why you leave the game is immaterial.

The first two games he didn’t disconnect… I don’t understand how this is so difficult for you to understand as being a rare occurrence.

You’re a sheep using past threads as your reasoning. I already knew that by your first reply.

You can’t think outside the box.

You can’t see that a system that allows no SR loss for a rare occurrence could not possibly be abused, obviously because it is a rare allowed occurrence.

Is Blizzard really more concerned about a the abuse of a rare occurrence over the satisfaction of their customer? (laugh)

His point isn’t about how often he DCs. His point is that he doesn’t want to be punished for DCing.

Yes, that is why the DC punishment system is the way it is now (laughs in sheep).

Someone will find the ‘limit’ on that ‘rare occurrence’ and then just to troll will intentionally drop their internet connection after exactly that many games. Yes it will be abused.
Easier just to say ‘you disconnect = you lose 50 SR, that is 10 per person who’s game you just made significantly harder’

Derp. And I provided reasoning for how this could be done. Allow a rare occurrence of the disconnection to occur without penalty.

You didn’t even bother to try and help. You posted nothing constructive, whatsoever. You’re like your name. A cow.

There are plenty of ideas to implement a system that cannot be abused. But Blizzard doesn’t need me to tell them how. They’re smart enough. And I’m not going to do their work for them by explaining how this could be achieve without being abused.

Blizzard just wants to flex and be proud of themselves that they were smart enough to address the “abuse” aspect, and that’s as far as they’re willing to take it, not bothering to put effort into a quality of life measure of allowing a rare occurrence to occur without penalty.

Yes, Soma, they will find the limit (which could be as high as once every several months). Then they are warned and then the limit is increased to 6 months as a cooldown, and are warned that if it happens again they will lose even more SR, which would prompt the player to look into their modem setup and contact their ISP.

But no, it was just “easier” for Blizzard to not take this any further and over-used their “abuse” reasoning.

Here is the thing, do you think the 5 people the OP screwed by disconnecting cared if it was a ‘rare occurrence’ or not ? Ask those 5 people if the 50 sr loss was too much.

Am I a sheep or a cow? Make up your mind (laughs in sheep-cow).

What else am I suppose to do for a non-constructive OP on a topic that is reposted on a daily basis? Do you want me to just start linking or quoting everything from past threads? Because that’s how threads like this always end up.

I personally find it unfair but I need to take responsibility for me dcing and putting my team at a disadvantage

That’s exactly what you should be doing. If you’re going to represent Blizzard and respond for them, which is what you’re doing, which is what Blizzard’s Support department is expecting since they like to redirect people’s complaints and suggestions to these forums by saying “Please post your suggestion on the forums.”, then you should at least provide the information that should be provided instead of effortlessly saying “working as intended”. Sick of you people.

And no, the team would also not be penalized for the loss of a 5vs6 match due to a rare disconnection of a teammate, if Blizzard continues to not have a backfill-incentivized system for competitive matches.

If the window is large enough for an allowed disconnection (we’re talking several months), topped with a warning and screen showing that the player would’ve lost 50SR but won’t as a warning, and that the next occurrence, now within a greater window (e.g. 6 months) they will lose 100SR, then any abuse of this would be unnoticeable, and not worth the alternative solution we have now where everything is simply and effortlessly punished.

What do you have against simple and effortless ?
Why is it so important to make this as difficult as possible ?
Right now the system is perfect, you leave a comp match (the why is immaterial) you get a small penalty of 50 sr, you leave many you get a bigger penalty of a suspension / ban (takes a lot).
This is a simple, easy solution to help discourage people from a) leaving matches b) playing a competitive match on a bad internet connection c) playing on a wireless connection and expecting it to be stable.

My responses matched the effort of the OP and his “suggestion.”

Or I can just take your approach:

But you know what, I’ll help a little this time.

I do know that Blizzard wants stable connections, I get about 45 ms. latency when playing. But it makes me very ticked when my wifi goes out at the worst times, because it never goes out when I play qp, though. What I at least would like fixed is that if the server knows that you LOST CONNECTION, it would at least not punish you for it by losing sr.

Why do you play with WIFI???

And how do they tell if you dcd or just left?

My roommate told me that he was having trouble with disconnects all weekend but he kept saying he didn’t care. I played a match with him while out of town and we both disconnected at the same time. It was definitely a game issue and not internet because we both used two different ISPs both with decent speed and hard wired. So I just didn’t play after that, but he continued.

I’m not mad that I lost 50SR. I knew their was a possibility the server was unstable and I chose to play anyway.

If you play this game enough you’ll learn to deal with the random disconnects, even if it’s not your fault. It’s just part of the game.

Why is everyone arguing that this is ok? You act like this is inevitable or else you’re gaurenteed leavers. ITS NOT!

Here’s an easy fix based on what DotA does. Give the team with the person who disconnect some what to pause (maybe they need to all be in spawn and then they can choose to pause for up to 5 min total each match until the leaver reconnects). Then if the leaver does reconnect, and they win, DONT MAKE THEM STILL LOSE SR!

Right now all the system does is encourage everyone who has the smallest internet/ power blip or simple computer crash (that they simply need to turn the computer on again after) to not return to the match and completely screw over their team. Keep the same punishments as current if they don’t return in time.

But it’s dumb for me to lose 50 Sr because overwatch crashed and I was gone for 30sec before easily winning.

Don’t game on wifi, problem solved, thought every gamer knew that wifi is not stable enough fro gaming.

You left, you lose SR, simple math. Why does this confuse people ? “overwatch crashed” I’m sure the 5 people you made play shorthanded would disagree.

I didn’t leave. The game itself crashed, I didn’t hurt the match at all, came back immidiatly, was way better than my opponents AND STILL LOSE SR.

There is no reason for this at all. Just add the pause function and only punish people if they don’t come back quickly. This is why leavers isn’t a big deal at all in DotA despite it happening all the time. People simply pause till they come back and it never causes any issues.

Yes I currently lose for disconnecting for any reason ever. But that’s a stupid system which accomplishes nothing and actively hurts a decent size of the community. Let’s fix it.

Ive dc’d 3 times in total since S3 rejoined the first 2 times a got nothing but abuse from the team and still recieced minus sr even though we won. Last time i thought why rejoin ill lose SR anyway and prob get salt so whats the incentive to rejoin?

Sry, my mistake. I was using ethernet, not wifi. I used to use wifi all the time until I built a pc, still forgetting to say ethernet. But still, it goes out at the worst times.