Fix disconnect penalty

I’ve had a problem with disconnecting on Overwatch for a while now and it’s already very frustrating on its own. But just about every time I’ve disconnected I’ve gotten a penalty, like less xp and my endorsement level going down. I don’t have the best internet connection but it’s not the worst. It’s annoying that I get the same punishment as someone who willingly leaves a game when I lost connection from the game and had no control over it. Please find a way to fix this soon, Blizzard!

Is it just an Overwatch problem or does your internet affect your other online services as well?

I almost never disconnect. If I do it’s a server issue, or some sort of external issue withe the ISP - which is rare. If you start dropping packets (which makes you disconnect) it means you have a bad modem, router, or both. Modems and routers have to be replaced every 2-3 years. They generate heat and don’t have the proper cooling. They are designed to fail. When a modem or router starts to fail, you get dropped packets and disconnects. Sadly there isn’t a good solution in the consumer market - unless you buy enterprise gear which is expensive. Cheaper just to buy a new one every few years.

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I just recently got a new router and my internet connection is pretty good, just not flawless or anything. My game will be running completely fine and then suddenly disconnects.

If they don’t penalize you then what would stop someone from unplugging their internet if they’re losing?

I think people in-game shouldn’t be penalized with a loss of someone with bad connection leaves.

JokerAkira, in every online game, a player is considered responsible for their own Internet connection. Game Director Jeff Kaplan has stated on this policy before:

Source: Overwatch Forums

Also Blizzard Support Agent Drakuloth has a more comprehensive guide explaining this policy further here:

Now that being said, there is very good troubleshooting for resolving your specific disconnection issues to Overwatch (click here) and additional help can be provided from Blizzard or players like myself in the technical support forum. I hope this explains things for you.

Unfortunately, this is also addressed, remaining teammates in a competitive match when there is a leaver still takes the result of the match including the appropriate skill rating adjustment. Former Community Manager Lylirra gives details about this:

Source: Overwatch Forums

How old is your modem? Sometimes you need to replace one, or both.

A good way to test this is run cmd. Then “ping -n 1000” (press Ctrl-C to stop it). It will continually send very small packets (up to 1000 of them) to You are looking or two things: A consistent ping ms number and no packet drops. The number should be under 100 and should be within 5ms of each other. When a problem occurs you end up spiking up 100+ additional ms between pings, and sometimes outright dropping packets.

For example, I am currently getting around 30 ms on my downstairs wireless router. It is between 25 and 30 ms. I sometimes get 50 ms. Pretty standard when my router is upstairs. On a wired, I would probably get 20 ms constant. If you start seeing consistent jumps to to 150, 300, 500 ms, you got a problem. When you do the test, make sure you are hardwired. That rules out wireless interference.

Fix disconnect penalty

No fix your damn internet

How about stop being selfish and queueing for comp when you know there’s a good chance you’ll ruin the game for ELEVEN OTHER PEOPLE.

If anything they need to make it stricter so people like you get banned sooner.

If you disconnect a lot and don’t have stable internet please do not play competitive game modes!
Blizzard cannot see the difference, and even if they tried it can be exploited so intentional leavers would still leave.

WHAT IS WITH YOU PPL AND BEING A**HOLES TO PPL WITH DISCONNECT ISSUES!?!?!?! If you don’t want ppl with internet issues to affect your games, maybe you should advocate for an actual solution, instead of asking them to not play a game that they spent money on, and enjoy playing! Making punishments stricter wont help with people who don’t disconnect on purpose. It’ll just make them come to the forums more often. What’ll help is giving people time rejoin the game without it affect the game too much. Like, I dunno, PAUSING THE GAME. If you don’t want ppl who disconnect on purpose, then just ban them from QP for the 10 minutes, or give them really long queue times so they can’t just leave a game on purpose, and go play QP while waiting out their 10 minutes.

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Because in most cases it’s fixable problem. The punishment exists to encourage people to do something about it. In most cases disconnection issues are caused by an old router, old modem, or poor WiFi reception.

Routers and modems are supposed to be replaced every 3-4 years or so. You can get away with 5-6 if you are browsing the internet, but not when playing competitive games.

WiFi reception is also a fixable: Set the modem to use a non-competing channel, put the WiFi router in a better spot, get one with a stronger signal, or upgrade to a mesh. Or used a wired connection - most competitive players do this.

Sometimes it is bad wiring and you need to call the cable company to run new cable.

This covers the majority. There are some who live in the boonies who have truly bad internet. I have a friend in that situation, and during certain times of day it is so bad the game isn’t playable (everyone in the area is on). His solution is to not play during peek internet hours. Not the best thing in the world, but a solution none the less.

The advice to not play competitive is simply: Do not play competitive until you fix the problem. People who simply refuse to figure out what’s wrong will get punished and eventually banned from competitive unless they decide to fix an (often) simple problem.

Yeah the solution is people with crappy hardware get out of my games

You’re selfish on a narcissistic level if you think WE are the bad guys for not wanting you in our games. Stop playing on WiFi or get better internet.

Its impossible to know if you had a disc or just pulled the plug. So… there is no way to “fix” it since you simply could be a leaver aswell and if they half or even remove the penelity then just leaving a comp match wouldnt be that bad/punishing.

People not knowing this in 2018 omegalul…

Well who knows why you’re disconnecting from these games? You could easily disconnect your router/gateway just to keep from leaving a game and having a penalty. Try getting a better internet connection if you can. Do some chores, earn some extra cash and chip in on the bill.