Fitzyhere & WorstSombra (top 500 sombra mains) "Definite Nerf" 😥


Hope this doesn’t go live or its time for me to find new main or quit the game, this is just another huge nerf. instead fixing her bugs and her hack they chose again change something that ins’t needed,
I missed old sombra so much when she was able get emp so fast if team played around you
But knowing blizzard they gonna push this to live anyway, because we don’t care about feedback we only care lower ranks to use hero more easier and in higher ranks more useless


Hammond rolls faster then sombra runs in stealth… I honestly think they strategically nerfed Sombra to make hammond better for mobility


Detectable at four meters but can’t contest in stealth? One or the other please.


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god the problems in teamfights are so much worst


Disappointed with how Blizzard keeps IGNORING actual Sombra mains and screwing her over further.

I’m legitimately going to stop playing her if these go to live. Infinite up time was never a concern for the players who mained her. They took away WAY too much value for this to be a remotely fair trade-off.

I’m disgusted. Her kit can now be 100% disrupted. Every aspect of it. That’s garbage. COMPLETE GARBAGE.


I actually like her way more like this. Sure it comes with some nerfs but I feel like she can be a LOT more effective right now but hey, I’m no GM :slight_smile:


How is she more effective in her role as “infiltrator” when everyone detects her from double the distance, she runs slower while stealthed, her damage is disappointing and only one bullet pretty much cancels all her abilities?


Pretty much been playing her all night on PTR and I don’t get detected that much. The detection radius is bigger, but so is my arc around enemies now. I can hop around in backlines way longer and be more effective. Random games though, no competitive nature so I reckon it would be much harder in those games.


I love fitzy btw so no hate.

but if she has infin stealth now cant she put her translocator in positions the enemy team would have no clue about?

Just think, go invis, go behind their team, put trans down in a spot where the fights aren’t even taking place…

I understand where he is coming from, but I think sombra mains just have to play around with it a bit and give more feedback.

I know you all are tricky rickys so we shall see :stuck_out_tongue:


Considering Sym went through with her whole host of bugs, get ready to have your favorite hero changed in ways you don’t like. That’s Blizz for ya.


Well its still garbage, because the translocator can be heard from like 20m :). Good luck on your “probably still fine” mind set. xd


Good thinking, when youre not a sombra main, but she gets even on live less kills than tracer, soldier and so on. And when do you want to kill someone, if you need to first run across the map to put your translocator down?


Except you don’t. You still have to be intelligent about where to place it and that will never change but you are no longer heavily restricted by this super tight window that’s caused by stealth and tp . You now have a proper time to position yourself and be effective in what you do after placing the tp. Also there’s no tradeoff anymore between hacking a health pack in your own backline and going in since again, your tp and stealth are no longer on a timer.

In the case you find yourself in a weird position and the tp is too far back or if it’s to risky to tp back, you just destroy it with the interact button, place a new one, go in infinite stealth and start from there again.


WHAT IS ALL THIS BABYCRYING? HAVE YOU EVEN TRIED IT? HOW IS IT A NERF?! Oh you dont get that much speed but it is INFINITE! and you get detected easier because of that… you can now throw your translocator in order to move behind enemies instead of going right next to them and it doesnt matter because you still get it back in 4 secs (4 seconds that you are still invis by the way).

Im SO TIRED of people crying right after they change ANYTHING. Give it a time, im completely sure she will be picked much more often. Maybe she needs to change playstyle a bit but she is now stronger than ever.


he played 2+ hours of her today and it definitely showed a drop in performance.


he needs to adapt to now playstyle, thats all


adapting is not the problem. If you made something objectively worse, you may adapt, but that doesn’t mean you can maintain the same performance.
enemies can now destroy translocator and she can now be detected twice as far. On top of no longer being able to contest while invis. those all make her objectively worse. I didnt mind the no contest, but the other 2 piled on make her unnecessarily harder with less payoff.


Stop defending something you fail to understand properly.

Anyone with a decent amount of time on Sombra can see the flaws of these changes.


HOW is that change “OBJECTIVELY WORSE”…
dont bother answering, time will prove you she is stronger


ah yes because you a person with no game development experience, nor credintials in the game publishing industry, know more than people who have been doing it for 20 plus years.