First look at the player-versus-player changes coming to Overwatch 2

Very excited for the Battle Royale mode that I presume is coming soon


It won’t be nearly as bad of a bottleneck as tanks are currently. The 132 Experimental still had really fast DPS queue times until the end, despite the bribe box being firmly planted on the support role most of the time. (I still wish they’d ran that Experimental for much longer so that we could see how much of a honeymoon effect was in play, but oh well.)


They already went this route with Mercy. They removed mass rez because it wasn’t good for the game or for Mercy. Just because some people enjoy things a certain way doesn’t mean that more people won’t enjoy it a different way.

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Yes games change over time, and balance themselves in different ways. Like do I need to bring up the giant list of sequels that play completely differently then their original counterpart.

But to say their punishing you for making changes, thats just out their man.

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I have noticed this too… smooth-braining a game tends to do that…

Overwatch: Warzone

Since it worked so well for Call of Duty, I expect the anticipated battle royale mode will even be featured prominently as an annoying oversized clickable button in the middle of the ordinary Overwatch menu screen too.

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I’m already a crappy tank player and now I’ll be even more exposed and picked on…

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Thanks for saving me the click.


I don’t call the other two quarters tank players. I call them DPS mains playing the tank role for a fast queue and priority passes.

New mode:



I mean, the way they have 5v5 structured. 1/3rd of tank players could quit, and it wouldn’t really matter.

Queue times would still be a lot better.

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That Reinhardt picture makes a really nice wallpaper:
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You really don’t know that yet. If the 1/3 of real tank mains quit, what makes you think the Off tanks won’t say “So I’m expected to lead all of you now? F it, I’ll play DPS”.

We won’t know how it turns out until it happens.


Wait why is this concidered a new post? This has been out for a full week? This isnt news.

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We need a change, tanking causes a lot of issues now

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So far I haven’t seen anything of a new game.

Like I have said a few times.

10 new Heroes
3 New game modes
10 new maps

Anything less is just a DLC. A dramatic release saying it’s 5 vs 5 isn’t a new game. It’s just removing a player.


Think of it as an expansion pack rather than DLC or a new game.

Heck yeah! It’s just Hybrid, but you start at the other end of the map and play it backwards


I’d love to play some payload maps backwards, that would be neat

I was thinking for Pull mode, you attach yourself to a payload with the interact key, and it gives you a tether which you cannot move away a certain distance, it restricts you

And you literally have to walk forward and “pull” the payload with your tether like a tug of war, it wouldn’t move on its own

Fun part is you could go off course


Ah, so we make Hammond mandatory for the mode and he gets to pull the cart along

For hard mode, your Widow’s gotta do the work instead

Joking aside though, there is a mode reminiscent of that on Splatoon called Rainmaker. There’s a thing in the middle both teams are trying to grab, and the player that gets it is trying to make it to the enemy’s side of the map and slam dunk it at the goal.

It’s pretty fun! Don’t know if it would work in Overwatch, but could be interesting

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