First look at the player-versus-player changes coming to Overwatch 2

First look at the player-versus-player changes coming to Overwatch 2

Group up with the development team to get a first look at the player-versus-player (PvP) changes coming to Overwatch 2! From new maps to major gameplay updates, we’re rethinking Overwatch's PvP experience.

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Ooooh, lemme see.

This shift will result in rebalancing and adjustments across the board – We’ll aim to give you a sneak peak on how things are coming for some heroes later this year.

In addition to Push, the team is currently working through introducing an additional new game mode to Overwatch 2.

Other than that, it’s just a recap.


Unless you’re re-thinking that 5 v 5 fiasco, continue to count me out. I’ll reclaim the hard drive space while you’re still trying to figure out why repeatedly punishing your customers is resulting in them taking their time elsewhere.


Another new primary game mode besides Push is sure to be interesting

Hopefully it isn’t anything like Clam Blitz in Splatoon…

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Tank players:
“I want to protect my team and lead them to victory!”
“The best I can do is making you a DPS with an oversized hit box.”


I find it ironic that more things are removed compared to new things being added.


Sometimes less is more.

Certainly help with the queue times.


If there were really a massive amount of people who thought like that, we wouldn’t have a queue time issue, much less a strong preference towards offtanks over barrier tanks.

At most, you’re only talking about 1/3rd of Tank players.


The support queue will be a new bottleneck assuming the remaining tank players even stay.


It’s not like they can’t protect their teams anyways, Rein still has his barrier.

Oddly, there’s a lot more supports than there is tanks and supports is also often flexed with dps players since newer ones like Bap or all time favourite Ana/Zen allows it.

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So MT players should just go and f themself after spending 4+ years playing that game? Man you could b3 a developer with that mindset.


Even if half the Tank players left, but like 5% of DPS joined the Tank role, queue times would be a lot better.


Hate to say it but yes.

The tanks aren’t gonna be happy, might as well wipe the slate and allow the new DPS players or newcomers to take over.

More like that playstyle will still be mostly present. Especially when you consider half those AnchorTank players are pretty aggro as is.

The main thing is that when you scrap it down to that, you’re talking about probably only 1% of the playerbase, or less.


Lets think they would go this route with mercy… nice you want to support but we took away Mercy’s staff so now you only can use your pistol.

Blizzard balances since OWL towards the 0,0001% of the playerbase… i don’t see the problem.

Mercy pistol isn’t exactly weak since it does 20 per damage and Mercy regen out of combat is also pretty nightmarish to deal, not adding to the fact that she also has amazing mobility if her allies are close.

Oh no please no, not clam blitz


Even if that were the case,

  1. That’s OWL players
  2. That’s GM

Both of which, “damage mitigation” focused tanks are a small minority of that group.

But additionally, balancing for a tiny group of people would be a horrible business decision for OW2 launch. As you’re gonna get like 5 million new/returning players, and if the game sucks, they are heading right back out the door, as soon as they burn through the OW2 story mode.