Final nail in the coffin? Overwatch was lower than Dead by Daylight on Twitch, Devs still Quiet


Dead by Daylight? I didn’t even know people still played that game, and that’s mortifying news, Overwatch has the easiest potential to top the charts and it saddens me that it’s doing the worst among them all, this was the only online shooter I really came to love and it’s killing me that Blizzard isn’t injecting any hope in the loyal playerbase’s hearts :confused:
Really hoping to see some kind of expansion or content drop.



Source: Twitch view count at one point in time.


Because DbD is actually fun to watch. OW on the other hand…


Guys, as great as a game Dark Souls 3 is, for Overwatch to be lower after almost 3 years of its release and it not being a full on online game is just something else, wasn’t Overwatch supposed to be the game that was suppose to live on and on?


dbd is pretty fun to play and to watch and the replay aspect is great! overwatch on the other hand…

idk i hope overwatch does something about this but i highly doubt it, their prob just gunna continue the game at its normal pace and recycle events, bring in new lack luster skins, and hold the owl up as the holy god that’s keeping this game actually alive.

when i watch owl it’s not that i’m not enjoying it but i’d much rather watch something else. now usually when i watch ow streamers it’s bc their personality over their gameplay or skill.

please blizzard,
notice your fan base is leaving and do something about it


Nah, the better headline would be: “Today OW is dying especially fast!” x)


If twitch viewership is the metric you use to gauge a game’s success, you’re doing something wrong.

It may be part of the puzzle, but it hardly tells the whole story.


Don’t worry, another Bastet/Nano Cola type event to falsely boost views(maybe even a paycheck to make sure Seagull plays Ow and not Apex like he is doing right now) and numbers look good to the higher ups.


They are waiting for OWL to boost the views. I don’t think it will get them very far though.


I wouldn’t say dead just yet as it’s been only a few days. But it does speak quite a bit on the state of the game.

Keep in mind that there’s still the OWL Season 2 starting in two days which I predict will help bump Overwatch viewership back up. Now the question would be, if it will be enough to put it back on top on twitch? Maybe, but I guess we’ll have to see. :blush:

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OWL pulled in like 60-100k viewers for most of the inaugural season.

That’s pretty impressive given how many games there were, IMO.


Don’t forget to put “Brutal Truth” or “Hard Pill To Swallow” somewhere in there. Lol.


but not fun to play at all…seriously, its like chopping on nails


Lol even games like poker, pubg, csgo and other games has more views than ow right now which seems funny to me and kinda sad at the same time…
I want to love overwatch but at this state its pretty hard imo.


For a game that claims to be the future of esport, that is pretty underwhelming.


Grand finals had 300,000+.

For a league that lasts months to pull in 60-100k on random matches is very impressive to me.

If that’s underwhelming in your book, fair enough.


Ah yes. You mean the most popular 4v1 survival horror game of the decade. How could that have more viewers than ow.

Those are totaly in the same genera.
Tell us when paladins passes ow.


According to this forum Overwatch was “dead” 2 years ago.
Absolutely delusional.


Never considered Twitch views as something that tells something about games current condition, as I find watching someone playing, something I can play myself, super boring.


Dead by Daylight is actually really fun