Final nail in the coffin? Overwatch was lower than Dead by Daylight on Twitch, Devs still Quiet


Path of Exile has only 6k viewers right now and i doubt the game is dead. Rocket league unless there’s a tournament has low viewers and i would say the game is doing well. Hell, Monster Hunter has only 1.9k viewers, but it’s the number 10 in current players according to steamcharts.

Twitch view are not an indication of how well a game is doing.


OW is going to be dead this time for sure! Definitely. Just like the world was going to end in 2012…or 1999…


You guys realize that most of the people that play overwatch don’t watch twitch at all

If you think twitch numbers mean anything you’re under the age of 30.


OW was fun to watch but not anymore because it became repetetive. The same with its Esports. For games like those, the game could be slower or faster paced, they arent repetetive so they dont become boring to watch eventually. Thats why i dont watch regular sports for example.

Watching =/= Playing. The game could be fun to watch but boring to play, or the opposite of it.


If anything the devs should focus more on making the game fun to play, not fun to watch.


2 years ago I would agree with you, but its almost impossible to ignore that a overwhelming majority agree that this game is quickly going down the gutter right now


dead by daylight is actually fun to watch and you arent stuck seeing the same “comp” every game because it’s a different killer and survivor every time, dont disrespect her like that


Dungeons & Dragons has 555 viewers at the time of this post. D&D is officially dead, by Overwatch forum standards.


Dead by daylight outlasted overwatch because unlike overwatch, in dead by daylight most of the issues that are killing overwatch have been solved by bEhaviour. the game is actually balanced, toxic meta’s get solved by changing up the game, they actually took into account the feedback the community was giving, they solved the issue of boosted or smurf accounts by implementing level restrictions and the matchmaking is more even. bEhaviour also just switches up the themes and adds new items to the game for events. you don’t need to go as far as implementing a new game mode. However, Blizzard decides to nerf a character reluctantly because the whole community is pissy rather than testing it out and once again TAKING IN FEEDBACK. they can’t even fix meta’s that make each game feel redundant. Jeff is too lazy to figure out a way to stop the smurfing and, boosting problem. which just made the game too redundant, toxic, and boring or downright tilting for everyone. its still fun granted but then on your second match you proceed to have to go against goats again. unlike bEhaviour, Blizzard is too closed minded, lazy, and lacks game development which just started killing overwatch. Jeff just please fix the meta, the leveling system, and expand on overwatch.


Came back today for one game. Instant roll. Uhuh, good game Blizzard - if you can’t hop into queue and have fun because matchmaking pits gm’s against diamonds then I dunno wtf should bring me back to this game.