[Feedback Thread Continued Part III] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018

Lucio’s change added onto his skill ceiling and made him even better for the high tier players.

mercy’s rework lowered her skill floor and ceiling.

it had the opposite affect and mercy’s players hate it.

P.s. if you wanna talk about lucio your more then free to make your own threads.


you forgot to finish it with

~ Signed
The Mercy Ice Cream Movement :ice_cream:

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If the most engaging way to use a support ultimate on a main healer is to use it as a DPS ultimate, the developers seriously need to evaluate what they hell they are doing.


Ty sis, fixed.

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Actually it was the movement changes from 11 months ago. They made it so that all you had to do was press W and you’d go in that direction (in the air) so no need for ASD keys. It was a HUGE nerf to his skill ceiling and it made it so less rewarding to learn all of Lucio’s kit. The new players could replicate what the pros did easily.

It was a good and bad thing for all Lucio mains.

Good lucios now have more access to better routes and faster.

it was a buff to his skill ceiling.

not a nerf.

-Ultimate increase charges 15% faster,
-healing during valk is at 60 again.

… Thats the changes from PTR

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It was a nerf.

Please don’t try to argue with it. I’m a T500 Lucio onetrick, (sadly crying at 4k rn) and I’m fairly certain I know my hero very well. :man_shrugging:

So still a sightseeing mode.



What the hell, Blizzard? :rofl:


This feels pretty terrible to play still for an ultimate ability.

its still so lackluster.


Yea now you know how we feel when people try speaking like they know whats going on with mercy.


these buffs to her ult are just a weak attempt at trying to hold onto 2.0 when its just clearly not working.


Maybe if we “buff” Mercy they will stop complaining.

I mean you can’t even call that a buff.
15% ult charge reduction barely changes anything.
60hps on Valkyrie… so you nerfed her healing to the game’s release values (when she was a troll pick, remember ?) and then try to pretend you buff her by giving her back 60hps only in her ult.

Hello ! What about you do something about rez ? You know, that ability you turned beyond broken and everybody hates ?
Oh no obviously rez can’t be the problem, Blizz is never wrong.


Nah you just said something that wasn’t correct.

Good Lucio’s were able to gain speed since there was little to no momentum loss, now the momentum is lost so quickly you start losing it before you even hit your next wall. Your overall speed has gone down hugely unless you’re in a corridor like on Numbani point A where you can continuously wallride - barely losing any speed.

Huge nerf for his speed and huge nerf to his skill ceiling since all forward momentum (up until a certain speed) remained forward - meaning you just have to hold W and look in the direction you want to go. Your character will turn that direction and have very little impact on speed (apart from the before mentioned momentum changes).

Mercy, on the other hand, was very little skill (mass rez) and turned into a tiny bit more skill required (valkyrie, through all it’s versions). You simply cannot compare the two.

Literally this buff is pretty much only restoring the 50 healing per second back to its original 60 healing per second and just restoring the ultimate charge time! don’t call it a buff if it really isn’t a buff to counteract the “nerf” which wasn’t at all needed to mercy just admit it to us blizzard you made a mistake and you just wanted to revert her back.


and yet here we are.

comparing the 2.


I’m very confused rn.

Oh nice, Mercy can cancel out Winston damage with valk now! Mercy is fixed, guys! They did it! The rework was a success!



Oh Blizzard…you were doing good, but you didn’t address a single issue we had with her. Keep going though. You’ve almost got it.


Woah, how great. A buff to the skill stealing Valkyrie, that lets people who have zero clue how to utilize her base kit, still get rewarded for not knowing how to beam juggle, prioritize, use GA to dodge enemy fire and ults and not know how to practically fly with GA and not know their positioning.

A better buff to Mercy would be removing Valkyrie and buffing her base healing.