[Feedback Thread Continued Part III] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018

Mechanical skill = reflexes. Basically, it’s fun to not think. And it’s not offensive, just sad fact about some people.


never heard “bring massrez back its way to go” from any mercy in my 3500-4000SR experience

What was the point of the megathread then :confused:


Perhaps. Yet, we also had “Valkyrie is not an ultimate” from that tier.


Was there any sort of poll to back-up that claim?

Cool humble brag. Maybe get some hours on Mercy to know what it is like to play before telling us how it is.

Is your SR really suppose to say something?

Welcome to r/cow! Place where you will never see post about “Massrez is great ability and should return to OW”

I’ll answer that. To avoid seeing the feedback with which Blizzard disagrees or/and they want to ignore (like old D.Va’s).

Actually, yes. Because we all know the gameplay can be different in other tiers.

The only problem is Resurrect on E is not healthy for OW either. It has been VERY apparent that no matter how much they nerf it, that tempo res is worth having Mercy over any other healer. It’s a power play - ESPECIALLY in high levels of game play - that severely stalls out Point A matches more than Mass Res ever could. Early game picks is what RUNS OW. It enables the team to push. Why do you think Pulse Bomb was so powerful, even if it only kills one target most of the time? Which Mercy just rejects it at the push of an E button. Also Mass Res required a thing called “strategy” to work around instead of yolo fire, ult, we win, like it is now-a-days. I LIKED trying to bait the enemy Mercy or finding ways to win the game strategically. They’re trying to make it more like CS:GO with every update. Just shoot and win.


So that`s a “no” on my question?

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i understand a bit more about the game than “QP only” Mercy mains. Simple fact - not trying to brag.

I tried in Season 1. Hard to stay awake when all you do is holding M1 95% of the time, its rly boring for me, because my “not that bad” aim is not used. Ana was so much fun though!

You should also try to play something else, there is 26 more heroes except Mercy.

NP. Also, just ignore me. I’m just tired of how Blizzard is dealing with this. We don’t want her to be OP. We don’t want mass rez. We just want want her to be fun, and to top it off they wasted 9 megathreads to finally say that.

Sorry for being rude. Just kinda done at the moment.

Funny that I’m a master and hate QP, but I do enjoy some Mystery Heroes when I do pop on.

No? r/COW - place where majority of high skilled and high tier players are.

It’s April 1? Or something?
If you really do, GO TO THE OLD MEGATRASH.
thank you ^^


They seriously named Competitive Overwatch on Reddit as COW? xd

But still, Reddit is well known from its hate towards Mercy, really.

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Woah, why Mercy mains are so toxic?

Well I’m off. I need sleep after work. Later I plan on leveling Dark Knight to level 65 in Final Fantasy 14.

Come to think of it that’s one really good thing to come out of this. It’s made more time for ff14.

Have fun.