[Feedback Thread Continued Part III] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018

If you don’t find joy in playing Mercy, that’s fine. I had a lot of fun teaming up with friends and making sure to keep their asses alive while they do their thing. Now that that’s been reduced to an E press that fun isn’t there anymore.

And I’ve been playing other heroes, but thanks for the suggestion.

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I was wondering the same thing regarding DPS mains. Especially those playing Gengu waaay out of position…

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I’m not sure if pointing out the thing which feels false is toxic.


With caps and stuff - rly toxic. Also devs got problems with seriosly OP Brigitte, weak Ana/Rein and other balancing issues. Why would they touch hero that picked a lot and that overall balanced? Think about it.

Oh come on, if you get offended by capital letters you’ve got some things to work on on your own.
Also, remember how much pickrate Mercy had during her adventure in being insanely OP? Simply having high pickrate isn’t a reason to leave a hero alone. And again, the balance is definitely there but the fun isn’t. Even if you couldn’t see it when it was there.


I wasnt asking what r/cow means,I asked was there any sort of poll,of which Im unaware of,that would suggest your claim about what playerbase wants.

Surely they can handle few things at once. It’s kinda sad only recently they started using PTR for actual testing than “bug fixing”.

And it all takes too way too slow. Like with Genji: for how many months the only response about enormous and mostly invisible Deflect hitbox the only answer was “Just don’t shoot at him”?


They why aren’t they actually tackling those issues? Threads about Reinhardt have been around since the game’s launch. Ana’s been talked about on the forums since the Rise of Dive… Blizzard clearly only focuses on eye candy, and all else be damned.

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You obviously aren’t using valk in the right manner if you can’t get any value out of it. It literally wins team fights.

It doesn’t.


ignorance is bliss, i guess.

It does



Regardless of it being effective or not, stating facts isn’t going to change the way playing Mercy feels atm.

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How many times Mercy reworked? I think they can forget about her for now since she is perfectly balanced atm.

Maybe I am not using it right, sure. But I still don’t see any situation in which it’s useful.

Like, when you see bullets or something.

Speaking of bullets, people really love to stop shooting when I’m in Valkyrie and I’m boosting them.

Having seen this and your other posts…

What will be really interesting is seeing how Blizzard handles Reinhardt.

Objectively, Reinhardt is “fine.”. He is the 6th most played hero and maintains a respectable winrate. He is played far more than some tanks, such as Orisa. This was true both before and after Brigitte.

And yet… there’s a lot of people on the forums right now that are acting like Reinhardt is unplayable.

So… what will Blizzard do?

If they buff Reinhardt, they’re very clearly pandering instead of considering actual balance. But on the plus side, if they do buff or change Reinhardt… it does prove ‘character is unfun to play’ is a valid criticism and not a reason for inaction…

edit: Just checked the stats again and now Reinhardt is the top 3 pick. Whoops!


It would take the dev team doing more than just basic functionality plays with a hero. Alas, they can’t be bothered to actually properly test things.