Favor the shooter is stupid

So tired of being killed 5 feet behind cover.

There has to be a better system.


Agreed. It didn’t start off this bad in OW1. I don’t know what went wrong, but toward the end of OW1 (in fact, I’m fairly certain it was when they introduced crossplay) it got a lot worse. Then it continued on and is even worse in OW2.


Yeah it’s ridiculous, especially when I’m tracer and magically die mid blink because someone’s bad internet said I was still at the location they shot.


I think either way it would’ve been frustrating. Ultimately, the devs made the choice that, for the person shooting, if you click your target but the shot doesn’t land even though your crosshair directly on them, that is even worse. I can’t say I wouldn’t have made the same decision in their shoes.

Playing multiplayer games online from vastly different geographic locations has its limitations guys. For once, try to be reasonable and understand that there are just going to be time where latency just worsens the experience, but that is just the reality of online gaming. Especially for an extremely fast paced shooter like Overwatch.

That being said, I don’t want to totally take all the blame away from Blizzard, I still don’t understand why we can’t have faster tickrate servers. I know the devs mentioned once that they felt there was no benefit to going higher, but I vehemently disagree on that one.


The alternative is your inputs feeling rather laggy because it will show where you actually are versus where you think you are.


I think the more likely alternative would’ve been that the shooter who thought he hit his or her shot (based on their client side player locations) would just get a no-reg. I still think that would be worse though.


You say that like its a bad thing?

Whats worse, a character dieing when they know 100% they are out of line of sight, or a sub 50% accuracy player missing another shot?

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Having movement feel awful in a game is a good way to have no one wanting to play said game.


Doesn’t happen that often with low ping. I prefer this instead of constant no reg which happens in some other game like Apex.


It is impossible to do something about with the current network technology being deployed in all shooter games.

To feel responsive, the client is always ahead of the server, meaning that you are actually playing a bit out in the future - a predicted future that can and often will be corrected by the server. Without this system, the games would feel very sluggish, as the clients would need to wait for the server.
Since your client is letting you play in a predicted future, it also allows you to shoot at predicted enemies. Your movement, therefore, is very important, even when you believe you are safely in cover, because in all the predicted client futures, you might still get seen and shot at. But your movement can keep you safe, just as if you are out in the open.

Actually the worse the ping is, the further out in the future the client can be, and the more it can peek you. Therefore it can be quite dangerous to play against high-ping players.

This is not an Overwatch-specific issue. It is just the preferred way to do it these days. And honestly, I can’t see how this can be solved. At least not until we have networks with extremely low ping (0-5 ms).


I swear, the system they have in place makes way too many people look like they’re cheating. Before I stopped playing technically today I had a match where the enemy Ashe killed me through the floor. At least on my screen. I can pretty much guess on her screen I was in the open, because I doubt she was actually cheating, on account of her missing way too many shots.


Well, such is the case with favor the shooter, it’s extremely worse against Hanzo because it looks like his arrows curves to your head.


Stop lagging then.

favor the shooter is probably the most fair system. The opposite of that is people not dying when taking hits which is way more annoying.

Hitbox position should be checked based on the victim’s position on their screen and not based on the shooter’s screen. Period. If I dash behind a widowmaker but he headshots me on his screen, I should not be headshot since I already reacted to that.

We are currently being punished for something we can take no action about (internet connection). At the very least you can track the movement of the victim on their screen and the shooter’s screen and get a ‘middle’ position for the hitbox.

Maybe CS2 (CS:GO) will be better shooter than OW2 as they are doing a ton of stuff to it (especially for the shooting registering)


Trust me favour the shooter is the better of only terrible solutions.

Anybody remember Destiny 1, where people would purposefully tank their internet connection in order to make themselves invulnerable? It was a rampant and unenforceable form of cheating. So yeah, none of that.


There was, but people didn’t like, that it allowed intended victim sometimes to survive.

It’s a lot more annoying to die from shot you weren’t supposed to be dying from, than to miss shot.

If you missed, you can just shoot again. If you died, there is no easy way around.


I thought I was the only one experiencing this.

Being hidden behind a wall and still dying around the corner. And replay shows something different, as if I was 1 second behind.
Sleep darts from ana miss me 1 meter and I am still asleep.

CS2’s new sub-tick system looks promising as a new standard.

But overall favor-the-shooter is more so seen with hitscan than projectile due to the how the mechanics work. It’s unfortunate, but not much can be done.

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If you’ve ever played CS with a bit of lag you know how annoying it can be, now imagine those effects in a fast-paced arcade-y shooter that Overwatch is. It would be horrible. It works in slower games like CS, but I think they made the correct decision for Overwatch specifically.

Just wanted to add that.