Favor the shooter is stupid

Overwatch has that since… idk, 4 years? It’s called “high precision mouse input” in your settings.

Funny how it gets hyped for CS but no one cared about it when OW did it lol

The game originally released with a tick rate of 20 Hz. After enough bellyaching by the playerbase, the devs raised it to the 63-64 Hz rate that the game runs at now. It certainly helped reduced how common and noticeable the effects of their so-called “Favor the shooter” lag compensation was back then compared to what we see now.

Increasing the tick rate costs Blizzard money. It means upgrading their server infrastructure and paying for increased Internet bandwidth to continue supporting the same number of players. Considering the features removed from the game and the bugs introduced by OW2 they still don’t acknowledge or bother to fix six months later, I think it is pretty clear that Blizzard these days clearly avoids doing anything that doesn’t result in any monetary gains for it. Increasing tick rate means increasing their operating costs. Increasing tick rate does not increase their monetary gains, so they are definitely unlikely to do this again.

Furthermore, another option would be opening even more data centers in underserved regions of the world. This what would help the worst of the effects seen by people playing around high latency now. Having more servers close by might attract a few new players, but given the current environment where reception to the game is quite low, it is unlikely there will be enough new players gained to justify the setup cost and increased running costs for installing more data centers.

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The problem is, from their view they hit a good shot.
There are probably times where it works like that for you, too, when shooting enemies.

There would only be a thread here instead of people saying


There is no winning for Blizz with this topic.

Edit: ideally the solution is higher tickrate servers. I really thought they would have increased the server tick rate when OW2 came out.
And now especially with Counter Strike 2 with its superior server tick system, Blizz will wanna do something…

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I’m not so sure, there’s always going to be some compromise (until we get quantum entangled computers or something).

This post is gonna trigger the moira players lmao

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There isn’t.

The no compromise option is, with our current level of tech, impossible (it would require faster then light communication).

You have to choose between two compromises :

  • Lag your entire game, so everybody’s on the same frame
  • Make it so every player is in their own version of the lobby, off at most by a few frames

Option 2 leads to disagreements between lobbies, which can be solved by three ways :

  • Roll-backs aka TPing character to their real position when you’re wrong (the fighting game way, Overwatch only does this if the difference between lobbies is too extreme)
  • Favor the target (meaning you wouldn’t be tracking the character on screen, but the invisible hitbox offset by a random amount in a random direction)
  • Favor the shooter (meaning if someone, on their screen, shot you, you’re hit, even if you were in cover on your screen)

This last option is by far the least bad.

We are going to call it “FTS” (Favor The Shooter) . FTS for reference.

Agreed: It needs to be fixed and changed. :+1:

Im ending up rage quitting a substantial amount of my matches now because of it.

Cross play AMPLIFIED this issue, much like it did in Dead by daylight.

Im getting domed behind cover and repeatedly.

I saved a screen catpure from the reply in a match that shows what goes wrong in “favor the shooter” and it is something to see.

I wish i could post it. As it shows how big of a problem this IS in Overwatch. As well as Hunt Showdown and a number of other games where people are being struck behind cover.

The issue with Favor the shooter is , if the attacking player has a higher latency or slower computer than their oponent. They will STILL see on screen the person infront of them. And the person with the lower latency, will have taken cover. Well the system sees this and the computer reports back "im the favored shooter, I saw them on my screen, I shot and hit them!

This in return seams like cheating, and should STILL be reported as cheating. So that way it catches the attention of the staff. But it needs to have its own catagory as in-game reporting for “game bugs and glitches”.

There are other factors such as SLOWER computers, WIFi and all of this. that create a MESS.

I think even the FORMER Game director himself said that it was difficult to deal with. Because not everyone plays on the same type of machine, or the same network type and especially players that are playing outside of their region.

HOWEVER, overwatch is now FORCING players, to play outside of their region, and despite trying to block these datacenters. A person can leave repeatedly and it will CONTINUE to place a player during on-peak hours, in these datacenters which are much too far away for “normal” gameplay.

I fully agree that the tickrate is the problem. Crossplay requires a much slower tickrate, so they bump it down so it supports sluggish Console networks and that sealed the deal.

Until they fix that, and decide to properly monetize their game again. So people want to spend money here. This game is hot Garbo and if a match has problems. just do what I do. LEAVE. Its not our job to figure out their problems. The CEO can take a cut of his filthy money and invest in his own company if he wants to retain a player base that gives him a salary.

More people on wifi, most console players don’t have a wired connection.

It has little to do with the system it’s self more so do to players with bad latency connecting to the game.

the question you need to ask which is more annoying dieing behind cover or the person not dieing cause you put a couple rounds in him as he was dipping a corner…

I would argue that people dieing is less annoying then dieing behind cover

Both are bad, but not as bad as the childishness of failing to acknowledge that fact and pretending like one is obviously better.

This is more a result of a server/engine downgrade than favour the shooter, although it isn’t a good system nonetheless.

A reasonable and well articulated post.

Favor the shooter is needed in modern times because not everyone has 20-30ms stable ping. If you had like 50+ ping on older games like quake 3 your shots would be abit already delayed and ping like 70/80+ you had to predict your shots to able to hit. If you disable it most of the players wouldn’t able to hit anything anymore.
But true I have a lot of times on 20ms ping that I kill some and that person still manages to kill due to lag on his end.

One is obviously better.

In one case, you’re shooting at the character models.
In the other, the character models are just a suggestion of the area the enemies might be.

Clearly, the first is superior to the second, there’s no debate.

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Without a doubt, the latter. When the things you do dont actually do that thing, it’s so so much worse than occasionally dying when you think you’re a foot behind a wall.

This. This is what my friend I play BF2042 with complains about all the time. It is the single most tilting thing for him.

You’re not alone in lacking the sophistication to understand nuance. Good luck with that. There are pros and cons, and no perfect solution. If you can’t understand that, not sure what to say.

It’s better, because shooter can shoot again. Dead player can’t come back to life, should they die from shot, that wasn’t supposed to hit them.

Almost only players, that suffer from “favor the target” are snipers.

actually i remember one of the devs saying that tracer blinks is the only thing that doesnt favor the shooter

This isn’t a really great argument, because if something feels like it isn’t working as intended, it doesn’t matter if you can do it again. What’s important is a combination of the frequency of how often it happens, and how much impact it has.

Dying behind walls is quite infrequent. It actually very rarely happens unless both you and the enemy both have relatively poor ping. Yes it feels bad, but it’s not really as bad as most people here on the forums tries to make it out to be. On the flip side, if a bunch of your shots constantly no-reg or miss the target despite having your crosshair on them, the game suddenly feels inconsistent and unreliable as a whole. People feel cheated out of their actions quite frequently because shooting is something that happens all the time.

You need to weigh each of these things and decide which one has a larger overall impact. Overwatch, like many other competitive shooters, have moved towards a favor the shooter model because they want people to feel like their actions and choices are doing the things they expect them to. Nothing was worse than player the older CS games where the hitbox was like 10ft behind the person because their latency was awful. You couldn’t reliably hit anything.

I’m unsure why you think that only snipers are really impacted. This impacts pretty much everyone.