False Comp Wait Time/SR Penalty Bug

Y’know when you queue, remember you need something, then stop queuing for a second? Though by mistake you do so at the same exact time the game says a your match is ready? Usually, if you’re quick enough, you don’t join and the game places another in your spot. Whereas if you’re slow enough, it puts you in a game

That’s fine and all, but today I discovered a bug with comp regarding that scenario. Where you’re quick enough, rather than putting someone in your spot: It will penalize you & take away your SR

Here’s how I produced this bug:

  • I made a 6 stack via LFG, we played a single comp game
  • We queued up for another game, but by mistake I clicked “Cancel Search” right as we got queued
  • The game allowed them to continue into the match, where I was the only one excluded, thus producing the 5 man team glitch on comp, where they got kicked out a few seconds later
  • They could re-queue fine, but I got a 10 minute penalty & an SR drop :frowning:

I last played on Jul 5th, leaving me at 2,845 SR. Today I’ve only played one game today and won, though Overbuff shows I went from 2,845 to 2,818 SR which would show an SR drop. I have screenshot proof if needed

I could be wrong, though I think LFG may be one of the ingredients to produce this bug. This is due to the fact that when I solo queue, if I click “Cancel Search” by mistake right as I queue up, if i’m quick enough it puts someone else in my spot with no issue whatsoever. Today was the only time there was an exception to that rule, where the only difference in condition was me being in an LFG group.

(Hope this report helps! I don’t mind the SR loss as I can gain it back, though it’s kind of unfortunate that I got a comp leave penalty by mistake (as they stack over time). :frowning: I don’t know if someone at the overwatch team could remove that or not. Though if u could that would be nice, thank u ily <3)

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Same thing here xept 30 minute ban and it was solo que. I literally clicked the button and immediantly cancelled cuz i realized i needed to do something IRL first and it banned me. I didnt lose any SR i dont think but its still really annoying. Blizzard please fix this…

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Great way of reporting this particular bug. Trying to reproduce a bug and telling how you stumbled upon it generally makes it easier for a developer to eventually come up with a solution.

Sorry, but Blizzard can’t remove the leavers penalty.


Blue Posters and our Customer Support team have no way to remove the penalties.

Rip my luck, hopefully it doesn’t happen again by chance