False bans: find common software denominator

The idea is to gather information and see if there is specific software that might cause the false bans, hoping that we can make a case. Especially the ones from the last few days are important.

All autostart software is relevant (You can look them up in the Task-Manager for example).

My relevant software here would be:

  • Google Chrome ( The only thing here honestly could be add-ons i guess? Not sure though…)
  • wallpaper engine
  • vibranceGUI (Software that adjusts vibrance settings in the graphics driver upon starting games)
  • LogMeIn Hamachi
  • MSI Afterburner
  • RivaTuner

I did not list discord or spotify for example, as that would be utterly ridiculous.
Would be great if everyone who thinks that the ban-system made a mistake takes part.
Obviously if there is specific software that you just recently installed and you think it could have caused it, it might make sense to list it as well.

Most importantly: Do not get triggered by people claiming that these bans can’t be wrong. Most people believe that the system doesnt make mistakes until it happens to them. Stay civilized.

The goal here is to see if there is a common denominator!


I use Brave which is Chromium based. It runs 24/7 on my system so this probably isnt liable to trigger anything.

Also a 24/7 run with no ban.

As far as I know Blizzard has these whitelisted but I would be careful using them in online games in general. This actually does inject an overlay into the game. Some games like Destiny 2 did ban over RivaTuner before just blocking it entirely. Kinda silly but it is what it is.


The common software is hacks, whether they are run on your system or by another computer via DMI and a special PCIe card.



I heard a few times, that discord can cause/caused people to get banned.

there’s not even an alternate universe where discord gets you banned on anything

hamachi was always sus to me, uninstall it and don’t listen to anything that wants it installed


if it was discord, there would be THOUSANDS of false bans, do you realize how many people use discord?


It’s worth remembering that if you regularly queue with someone who is cheating you’ll also be banned.


They don’t do permanent cheating bans unless they see known cheating software running. Blizzard is a garbage company and their non-permanent automatic report system is really dumb, but they don’t do false positive cheating bans. If anything they barely ban anyone at all for cheating and let cheating run rampant because they refuse to perma ban without absolute proof.

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As I said - it was not my idea. :woman_shrugging:

Thats a good point, though looking at the many reports of false bans this is not what i would expect to be the case here.
I played with a few randoms the past days for a couple of games, none of them were cheating obviously. The idea behind that isn’t really likeable anyway as that would just lead to innocent people getting banned if the alleged cheater is using anything that you as a co-player can’t see.

I’m a boomer: what is this?


Its a software that lets you customize your Desktop Wallpaper, for example with Animations and stuff. Its available on Steam.

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this is all ridiculous, it happened to me too. I’m really infuriated, I find myself constantly widowmaker with aimbot and then get banned after seven years of playing overwatch without ever cheating. I lost hours and money unjustly… I hope they fix it as soon as possible


I use these programs in the background- xyperx ngenuity, razer central, fury ctrl, norton 360, gigabyte control center… F

more than 10 people have replied to me (not here, reddit) and said that they got banned and also use hyperx ngenuity. Also 1 person who uses it did not get banned, yet. That could be version-related though.
I can imagine that this could be the cause, as everyone who got banned told me that they use hyperx ngenuity.

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i just spent 100 euro on diablo 4 ultimate edition, and i’m not playing it for fear of the ban. Today was my day off from work, I wanted to play but they ruined it. welldone blizzard

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Hello Fennek,
I’ve not been banned. Here’s the softwares that I have turned on or has before turned on in the background while playing OW2.

  • Google Chrome - Always on
  • MSI Afterburrner - Sometimes on in the background
  • RivaTuner - Sometimes on in the background
  • Riot Vanguard - Always on
  • Buff earning app - Always on
  • Discord - Sometimes on in the background

I do have LGHUB on my computer but I only have it on when I charge the battery on my mouse. I don’t remember if I’ve played with the mouse while charging. When I charge my mouse I don’t play games at the same time.

Hope this helps


Heyo, we are gathering data in a discord server right now, you can add me on Discord and we will help you out. (Fennek#0021)

added on discord so we can try to figure this out

Hey guys. Good to hear I’m not alone. I got banned on 2 accounts today for cheating and I have never cheated before. People are saying that the software giving false positives is HyperX NGENUITY. That HyperX NGENUITY itself had an update today which is why it’s now causing this to happen. I hope this issue gets enough attention and that it gets resolved, because this is really sad.