Failed to earn Contenders Symmetra or Mercy skins? IMPORTANT UPDATE ANNOUNCED!

Okay here is how it works, starting December 1st you will earn the following skins at each interval…

  • Junkrat - 7 Hours
  • Zenyatta - 15 Hours
  • Symmetra - 18 Hours
  • Mercy - 20 Hours

Before December 1st, any of the upcoming Gauntlet Streams will only count toward…

  • Torbjorn - 7 Hours
  • Lucio - 15 Hours

Remember the hours will reset at the end of each month!


Thank you for the help and keeping us updated. Better then nothing!

What a joke.

Agreed, obviously it would have been more ideal to somehow manually recover the hours from anyone who watched them, however that was not going to be a feasible option from what I understand. This will at least give players a chance if they are willing to invest in the additional time. Again, not perfect but a workaround.

I am just glad that I could do what I could in my corner of the Overwatch universe to help.


I appreciate your work on this WyomingMyst

All I can hope for is there is plenty of opportunity to clock up the hours.

From what I can tell from the rough calendar breakdown there is going to be at least 40 hours of December matches to look forward to ranging from December 4th through the 20th. I have been assured a proper schedule is coming soon, and I will update my master thread schedule appropriately.

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Thx for the heads up and keeping up the issue alive until we had solution.

Will there be a chance to earn Torb/Lucio skins again in the future?

I do not believe so, but there are four broadcasts back on the schedule starting THIS MORNING at 2:00 am PST for the start of Overwatch Contenders Gauntlet.

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At least this is better than something. Just hope not to have the same issue repeat itself again next month.


I’m not pumping up their (extremely low) view count for another 20 hours for something that should have been awarded already

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I would offer some advice:

This month I earned the Torb and Lucio skins by watching Contenders from my phone.

However, you could probably use any device. I would setup an older smartphone or a tablet with chrome, make sure its fully up to date, close out any apps, plug it in to power, log in on the site and watch the stream on it. Make sure the sound is up enough at least to not be muted.

Then you can run it full screen. But be prepared to check on it after every match or before a match to be SURE the Green Dot is lit up. If it isn’t, refresh the page and restart the video. If you choose to not run in full screen (so you can see the dot) then be sure to set the device screen timeout to be as long as possible or to never turn off. Some devices will time out if you aren’t full screen. Some devices may log you out if you don’t touch them for a long period, which is why I suggest checking to ensure you are logged in and have a green dot every so often, or at least every match that day.

Good luck.

Well, I agree with this, however something to think about:

You are not watching for 20 hours to get one skin. You are watching for a total of 20 hours to earn 4 skins. However I know that there is only one skin most of you care about.

From my perspective, its still BS. They should have simply awarded it, said sorry many of you got screwed and would have enjoyed a nice PR bonus. But no, they want to keep their viewer numbers up. I get that too, and I have been watching enough hours to earn the skins already. I was one of the few that did get the Sym and Mercy skins last month, but was still disgusted by how this whole thing was setup, so understand all of your frustrations.


I just wanted to thank Wyoming for making this happen! Without him we wouldn’t have this opportunity. Thank you for helping those in need and the community is truly blessed to have someone such as yourself being a great support and representative for something we all love and hate. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts!

FYI I already have the skins :slight_smile:

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Thanks, mate!! Awesome.

Thank you @WyomingMyst!
Feel like this issue would’ve gone unnoticed by Blizzard were it not for your efforts.


well atleast its being fixed

Thank you for helping us! <3 I’m so happy to have the chance to get mercy!!

Edit: I just got Mercy :DDD


Got Mercy now too. Thanks, WyomingMist!

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Hello everyone. Sorry if my English isn’t perfect.
I received all skins of this month, including Mercy. Without any problems, they appeared in my collection almost instantly, every time when I reached required number of hours.
WyomingMyst, thank You very much! Your efforts helped us to finally receive these wonderful skins!
I hope that everyone will receive all rewards of this month, this should work absolutely correctly this time.
Thank You!