Failed to earn Contenders Bastion or Reinhardt skins?


I’ve yet to receive the Reinhardt skin and watched the following streams:

  • Monday, March 29th @ 6:00 PM - :eu: - Tournament 1 Day 1
  • Monday, March 29th @ 11:00 PM - :us: - Tournament 1 Day 1
  • Tuesday, March 30th @ 11:00 AM - :kr: - Group Stage Week 2 Day 2
  • Tuesday, March 30th @ 7:00 PM - :eu: - Tournament 1 Day 2
  • Tuesday, March 30th @ 11:00 PM - :us: - Tournament 1 Day 2
  • Wednesday, March 31st @ 7:00 PM - :eu: - Tournament 1 Day 3
  • Wednesday, March 31st @ 11:00 PM - :us: - Tournament 1 Day 3

Can confirm I’ve received the Bastion skin but I was certain I had enough hours logged for the Reinhardt skin. Watching from the UK, all streams viewed on my desktop via the Contenders website (green dot visible at all times). Thanks for your help looking into this, would be gutted if this is the only Contenders skin I miss out on :frowning:

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A chance to earn the Reinhardt skin is now available, watch 5 hours from any of these broadcasts to earn that skin!

Today 13:00 - - Collegiate Playoffs Day 1
Tomorrow 13:00 - - Collegiate Playoffs Day 2
Monday at 04:00 - :kr: - Group Stage Week 4 Day 1
Tuesday, April 13th @ 4:00 AM - :kr: - Group Stage Week 4 Day 2

The Collegiate Championship Tournament is now live at the time of this update (click here)

Alerting Everyone by Quoting (Ignore this)

That’s a huge win for the people who hasn’t earned the Reinhardt skin.

It is, I am a little concerned there will not be enough notice to reach out to everyone, but I am working to spread the word!


What time zone is the collegiate playoffs in? Also wouldn’t it be Korea group stage week 5 day 1 and 2 as week 4 had already passed or am I seeing it wrong?

Really appreciate the work you’ve done in getting us this chance, going to try my best to get the 5 hours!

My official schedule on this thread has the times dynamically displayed.

The Korea schedule is technically postponed by a week since week 2. This is due to competitive integrity issues that required them to hold off one week.

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Omg I have been looking for that dynamic time thing of yours this whole month and it turns out I wasn’t scrolling down the thread far enough! Thank you!

Ah yes forgot about integrity thing, thanks for clarifying!

Going to bump this again to remind everyone, the chance to earn Reinhardt is still going on today we have Collegiate in 2 hours, then Korea matches Monday and Tuesday mornings.


watched the streams on
Monday march 15th at 3 am
march 29th at 10 am and 3 pm
March 30th at 10 am and 3pm
March 31st at 10 am and 3pm

no rein or bastion. idk why. Ive gotten other contenders no problem. im pretty sad about this and hoping for another chance.

That other chance is right now! See the starting post.

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I watched every hour of the Collegiate streams this weekend and still didn’t unlock the skin. I had the green dot and I even unlocked the Echo skin during Sunday’s stream so I know it’s working.

I know there are 2 more streams today and tomorrow to earn it but I doubt they’ll have fixed the issue by then.

I’m feeling very frustrated because Reinhardt it my favourite character and I’ll be really disappointed if I miss out because of a clear bug with the system.

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I was able to get the Bastion skin, however I did not get the Reinhart skin. I watched the following broadcasts (while green dot was there) in addition to a few earlier ones that I don’t specifically remember:

  • March 29th @ 2:00 PM - :eu: - Tournament 1 Day 1
  • March 29th @ 7:00 PM - :us: - Tournament 1 Day 1
  • March 30th 3:00 PM - :eu: - Tournament 1 Day 2
  • March 30th 7:00 PM - :us: - Tournament 1 Day 2
  • March 31th 3:00 PM - :eu: - Tournament 1 Day 3
  • March 31th 7:00 PM - :us: - Tournament 1 Day 3

I also watched the collegiate playoffs, Day 1 (Missed the first hour) and Day 2 (All day).

Oddly enough, I’ve gotten the Brigette and Echo skins for this month, but I haven’t received Reinhart which seems a bit odd.

Hey everyone, as a reminder Contenders Korea is now live, if you need to still earn Reinhardt in the second chance offer, log on now!


I’m in a similar boat to you, watched day 2 of collegiate which was like 5 hours by my count and then Korea after which should be over 5 hours for sure. I also earned Echo today as well. :disappointed:

Same thing: watched Colleguate Day 2 almost 5 hours (not until the end 'cause wanted to sleep) and Korea’s stream today approximately 2 hours (I was late on ~30 minutes after start). Echo and Brigitta were unlocked on my accout before these streams, so I didn’t found any differences: still no Reinhardt =(

Will try to find out about appearing skins after last Korean stream…

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For this month I’ve watched Sundays games and the South Korea games today. Easily covered over 5 hours, still no Reinhardt skin, just the Echo skin has been delivered today. I appreciate the second chance, but a 4 day window is too short to get Reinhardt if the system is still not working as it should. But thank you WyomingMyst for trying to help us, it is appreciated.

I have received Contenders Echo so if I watch the stream Tuesday morning will I get Rien skin?

I received Echo skin which is watching for 7 hours but no Rien skin is this normal?

Ok, watched 3 streams (Collegiate Day 2 + both Koreans), and I’m definitely sure about watching during more than 6 hours with green mark on site, but still no Reinhardt. So I don’t know what to think & do now…

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Thank you for reading this, I got the same problem, I watched Callegiate Day 2 and the Korean streams from start to finish but the rein skin is still mising, I find it weird beacuse i got Brig and Echo skins with no issues.