Failed to connect to server

the are fixing a bug that exist for more than 12 hours isn’t it great?

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Just happened to me too, man…

That is true, I can see some people lost 150 or more :S

comment here so the blizzard team can see it : an h is needed in the beginning!(no links allowed)!@!!!


the game is broken so don’t play and check the twitter for any info:
it may help to check them out!

Happened to me too, 10 minutes ago.

-50 SR right when i got to my highest SR ever, thanks Blizzard.

Everyone here also lost 50 points. And it was not very pleasant. We all worked so hard for them, and because of the mistake we lost them. Please do something, anything …

Are they still having server issues? Would be great with an update from them :slight_smile:

does not matter if comp or quick play, it still says “could not connect to server”. Been like this for few days already

Yes same thing happened to me yesterday. I lost 100 SR (two games in a row) and it’s definitely server issues from Blizzards’ side. Many users had the same problem and there should be a way to get our SR back when It’s not our fault that we lost it to begin with. Plus I got suspended for half an hour or something and couldn’t even join a quick play cause the problem was the same there too.

Same here , about 10 hours or something ago we were playing with 2 friends with different internet providers different locations even different countries none had a prob till a point where in a match the 3 of us and 3 of the enemy team got a blackscreen and the only thing we could do was restart the game , we had the option to rejoin the match but even clicked it nothing happend. we still could communicate with the chat in the game somehow which is weird and was w8ing for the match to end just to lose our sr… , after even though i was not very fond of it we tried to play another game which led into instant connection server again and within 15 secs or so lost another 50 sr… many ppl on the chat were having the some prob and as we can see y its a server issue , plz do something about it our sr back would be nice if it was possible ofc but at least deactivate comp till u fix the issue cause already thousands sr gone wasted for a prob at ur end. + plz report when u ll fix it so we can play again in peace :slight_smile:

So while I personally haven’t been DCed, only half my comp games make it past the char select with a lot of joking “gg guys, see you next time” as the round ends before it starts. When a round does manage to start less than half end with full 6v6 teams. I had one that was 5v4 for the 2nd half, and I don’t think any of those people were intentionally leaving.

its happened to me to!
i want my SR back!!!

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I have been playing on NA server fine. It is a lil bit laggy but not too bad.
Who ever is in charge of the European servers is not capable of running it.

Over the years this has happened multiple times.

Without sounding negative - nothing will be done, ever. Better to accept it. Similar instance last year and a very similar thread, thousands lost 100SR + and there wasn’t even a blue reply.

Connection issue happen unfortunately.

I also lost 100 SR last night… 2 games with broken servers…! If blizzard finds out something like that, why cant they alter the SR and give the points back at least?

I mean… everyone of our match got -50SR… it was not my personal connection o_O

I had the same problem, happened to me 3 times. It’s so annoying because I get lower elo games and they don’t fit my actual SR games

i want my sr back and my bans removed, cause next time i get banned for 2h, when i didnt quit at all.

Everyone, I got a follow up from Blizzard Customer Service that the issues in Europe has since been resolved several hours ago. As a reminder, it is impossible for Blizzard to reverse penalties.

So, thx for nothing?

well at least we can get in game :omegalul: