Failed to connect to server

Well… I lost 50sr because the i can’t joined to the game. I’m not the only one player who got this problem :frowning:

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more info here: an h is needed in the beginning!(no links allowed)

What is going on and when does it ends?

When I start searching for competetive match I alt tab to chrome and browse internet until I hear the sparkling sound and “now travelling to…”. Today for the second time I heard the sparkling sound of match found and when I alt tabbed back to Overwatch there was no travelling to and the match did not start. I was then suspended from competetive for 10 and 30 minutes while a message Failed to connect to server appeared.

Is this intended or is it bug?
Thanks for help

the game is broken more info here":put h

i had the same thing without opening my internet browser. i lost 100 points for no reason.

Well, I guess I will have to find some new game on Steam :stuck_out_tongue: Any suggeestions for good game similar to Overwatch that is on sale?

Similar to OW? Cant think one right away, but PUBG is -33% in steam

rainbow six siege…

I wanted to play competitive on my alt acount and lost my placement mach + got suspended for 10 min

The servers are so flawed today, I did not get ranked I received a penalty of 10 minutes and lost 70 points. thanks blizzard you are great

So I was searching for a comp game. After a while the search window disappeared as it does right before you join the game. But nothing happened. 10 seconds later 50SR gets taken from me and I’m banned for 10 mins.

I’ve worked so hard this season. So I would really like those 50 back. No connection issues on my end. I think I have it all on video.


They will not give it back, since the system “only takes away your SR when the fault is at your side”. Lost 50SR yesterday cuz of maintance, asked if i could have it back - nope. Even doe it was their fault.


It happened now again! I’m now 100SR down and all my wins today was a waste of time. I’m also banned 30 mins. Help Blizzard.


Just don’t try playing any comp atm. Blizz having some issues, you’re only gonna lose SR and get yourself suspended.

We must have been matched togeather.Please blizzard fix these crushes,i really worked hard for those SR and I want them back as much as everybody in this post

So why aren’t blizzard adressing this issue? It’s affecting almost everyone that tries to play rn


They won’t refund SR sadly. Tried asking them after i got DCed cuz of yestardays maintance - they said it’s all automatic and they cannot do anything about it

I think they need to do something about this “we can’t do anything” approach. If the problem is on their end, it’s also theirs to fix. Remember we all payed for this game.


Hey all,

While its true that Customer Support isn’t able to alter SR values, we do still want to help out where we can. We took a look through where you guys were posting from to see if this was affecting a specific region, but there isn’t much tying you all together. Additionally, we haven’t been seeing signs of server instability/mass disconnections (at least not in volumes that would indicate issues).

To start, I’d recommend performing some basic connection troubleshooting to at least eliminate the local network as a potential contributing factor. Running through the steps below should help optimize a bit.

If it keeps up from there, I’d recommend opening a ticket with your system files and an MTR attached so that we can take a closer look.