Failed to connect to game server

In comp queue, about every 1/10 games, my queue ends as it found a game. Then it says “Entering game…” but i never arrive in the game. I get stuck on the main menu. I can type in the match chat but I don’t get in the game. I do see the rejoin match option but that does nothing. About 15 seconds later, I get the error in chat “Failed to connect to game server”.

This is resulting in a leaver penalty. I already have 2 accounts up to 20 hour bans and a third account up to 8 hour ban now. It happens basically everyday I play.

If i never leave the main menu and I get this message in chat, I should not get a leaver penalty. At the very least i should be able to requeue again without any leaver penalty.

It’s not that I get in the game and then i lag out, so it makes no sense to give me a leaver penalty. In OW1 this happened maybe 1/500 games but I would be able to requeue right away

Also this or something similar was apparently fixed last month but it still happens everyday so it’s not fixed:

Overwatch 2 Status Update - October 25, 2022

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players receiving competitive mode penalties for leaving matches when the game crashed during launch. We have reset the leaver penalties on affected players so they can play ranked again
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I have been getting this issue sometimes as well, and it happened to me again last night. I was able to talk to everyone in the match via chat but I was unable to rejoin, saying it failed to connect to the game server. Each time this happens it lasts for about 5 minutes or so. And each time I able to confirm my internet connwction is running fine… 10 Gbps Ethernet to my router, 1Gbps fiber with ISP, speedtests are (>900 Mbps), DNS and ping monitors I have show no disruptions. I even run Wireshark to see what is going on and it seems like in this time the game server IP is the only IP mot responding to me.

So, what gives?