Experimental Mode – Quality of Life November 2020

With a paltry 25 hp???

…And here comes the DPS main squad say Brig should be deleted.


Please give Brig:

  • 100 normal health + 100 armor
  • Barrier 4 CD after broken

Or really just revert her to:

  • 250 HP
  • 10 hps self-inspire (payload levels)

Or keep her at 225 and just nerf her self heals and buff the barrier to compensate.


just nerf mercy and ashe combo!!!

Can we get a Quality of Life change to enable Mercy to manually cancel a resurrect cast, putting the ability on full cooldown atleast?


Wow, you guys don’t want Brig to exist. Great Pharah change though! It’ll be nice to be able to actually use this flying hero to fly and not feel like I’m feeding.


If we’re actually worried about Brig totally dominating even with 225 HP, then I think that instead of dragging her back down to 200 HP, we need to take a look at some of her biggest counters

Characters like Pharah, who I’m happy to see getting help here, but also Junkrat and Bastion

From what I can tell, all of these characters are having a hard time for some reason or another. As a result, they don’t get played much, even though they could potentially destroy a Brig.

If we help Brig’s counters fit in more, then not only do we not have to trash her, but it would also make the players of those heroes feel happier too.

EDIT: Also, Repair Pack. We need to look at Repair Pack. Right now, its range is way too long, and it totally contradicts her being a tough, bulky, short-ranged off-healer character. If we rework RP to better fit the rest of her design, then things will get so much easier to balance


jokes on you hitscans will still shoot you out of the sky like a bird

Well thats fair. I remember when Ana mains hated that they couldnt heal full HP players with her primary though. I guess it messes with the muscle memory? I dont play Ana that much.

Really, Just nerf Brig to the ground allready. All those 0-skill DPS crying about a support which they can’t one-shot because no matter how bad you are, a support player should know his place when facing a whiney DPS main.
Dudes, stop crying about Brig allready! She has been constantly nerfed and tweaked since release and she never finds her place in the game thanks to the horde of DPS players crying about her. She is a support you can’t kill with just blowing a little air at her, get over it! Sorry for being sarcastic here but it pisses me off how a bunch of players constantly complain about a character with a different concept. Brig has her weak spots, know them and use them against her, get gud. But stop crying for nerfs over and over again.


Why revert the brig health buff?? It’s laughable…


It’s frustrating that they have no comment on this.


Soo one question. Did Bap got his ult design change and the buff on the Experimental?

I also wish to express my frustration with the Brigitte HP Nerf. While I can understand that having a higher HP can be oppressive and allow her to survive more often, I greatly feel like she needs to be able to engage effectively in team fights in order to use her Aspire ability. I feel like a direction to take her would be to experiment with lowering her cooldowns such as Shield Bash back to what it used to be back in the old days since she no longer has the tanky build that she used to have.


:clown_face: not even one patch and brig gets nerfed for literally no reason once again. You do realize you’re going to make her trash again if you let this through right? Why even give her a small health buff just to nerf it?


The only way Brig can be allowed to be fun and effective is as a tank.


They really do want this to be dps watch. I’m done with supports and tanks.


Brig immediately getting her buff reverted honestly seems like some cruel joke. What even was the point of testing Brigitte in the last experimental if you immediately want to undo the buffs in the next experimental?

Honestly, she should keep her current HP and Armor, it’s not as powerful as she was at 250, but she won’t be literal paper like she was at 200.


It’s just to laugh about. She is by no means overpowered how she is now. She needs to have a little bit more sustain to get any value out of her kit, and they are taking it away from her again. It’s just so frustrating!


Manually cancel storm arrow LETS GOO FINALLY :cupid: