Experimental Mode – Quality of Life November 2020

Brig is fine as she is. Honestly just leave her alone and let her have the 175 hp. Her play style is to attack and she can barely do it with the hp she has now. You don’t have to nerf her after she just barely got the buff.


Just blocking explosives feels frustrating, the shield doesn’t correctly block the explosions and instead damages both of you AND the barrier. Brigitte needs that broad shield hitbox that was taken away a long time ago for the barrier to be effective.

Honestly almost all of these are okay but why nerf brig again when you just buffed her? I think you should’ve left it as is, everyone else is fine but brig just bothered me a bit


Basically it boils down to Brig having 3 design approaches left available, to avoid enabling DoubleBarrier.

  • #1 Healer with almost no Peeling, that’s Not Niche.
  • #2 Tank with almost no Healing, that’s Not Niche.
  • #3 Healer with lots of Peeling, that is Niche

They are going for #3 now, but if they ever went for #1, it might look something like this:



  • Knockback reduced by half


  • No stun
  • 5sec cooldown, down from 7sec
  • 50 damage, up from 5 damage
  • Range increased to 10m, up from 7m

Repair Pack

  • 150 healing over 4sec, changed from 110 healing over 2sec

Barrier Shield

  • Increased to 350hp, up from 250hp
  • 20% move penalty, down from 30%
  • Barrier deployment speed doubled


  • 200hp, and 50 Armor

Self Regeneration Passive

  • When outside of combat for 5 seconds, Brig selfheals at 10HP per second.

Usually I block it by overaiming to compensate for my lag (closest region is 60ms, it’s very noticeable when things don’t register). But sometimes it ain’t enough.

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More support nerfs. Wonderful. That’s JUST what we needed. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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On the off-chance you missed the thread where they talked about Wide Matrix:

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Seriously disappointed to see the deletebrig crowd managed to do this.

They can actually ruin the game for players now, so they can get their few main heroes to be the only valid ones.

Blizzard showed them that being loud and toxic works.


Nerf Brigitte’s healing if you need to nerf her, she’s supposed to be a paladin, but she’s so fragile she can’t play like one with 200 hp. Nerf her pack range or give her 2, but for everything holy don’t ruin the only paladin in this game to just a generic backline support. The game doesn’t need to become even more homogenized, especially support with its limited available picks.


She needs HP but doesn’t need all the versatile healing she has



Im sick of it.


Brig nerf? Ana buff?



I’ve never seen a game dev team lack backbone to this level. Like you guys seriously have zero respect for the hero you created, you are willing to effectively delete her because some of your playerbase can’t cope with it’s existence. Any other hero based game I’ve seen literally makes small adjustments and then tells their players to adapt. Do you all have such little faith and pride in your heroes? It’s pathetic. I honestly feel bad. You all should be the one to stand by your work, not us.


Brig renerfed already and Ana getting buff even more, seriously?

You reverted Mccree’s stun and rebuffed Mei.
Where’s the Rein earthshatter duration revert?
He is so bad right now.

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Wasn’t here Inspire already destroyed?


Symmetra is unkillable?


She needs her innate tankiness or she’s just a backline support with an artificial shield.


I LOVE Pharah’s Downward Acceleration with Crouch!
Mercy needs this too pretty please!

And while we’re doing slight buff/quality of life changes, Let Mercy Cancel Res!

Also love the voice line change. Would REALLY like a SEPERATE command for “Come to me for Healing” though so that I don’t accidently say “I Need Healing” instead if I miss targetting them.


I mean it doesnt happen to often, maybe more often in the heat of the fight and when the enemy forces u to play way closer to your team. Its QoL, not the best, not the worst, not gonna affect her pickrate or something.

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If you don’t like a character Blizzard, just delete them. No need to make it so they have a 0% pick-rate outside of Mystery Heroes.

I don’t like Brig, but nerfing her to the point that every character can counter her isn’t the answer.