Experimental Mode – Hero Balance January 2021

understandable changes BUT NOT SIGMA , sigma change is wayyyyyyy too severe and it is just went beyond to the point of why bother adding barrier to sigma at all ?!!.
u just killed sigma literally .


I pretty much main sigma for tank and that nerf is massive when you try it in game, really disappointed at the huge leap to more than double the shield deployment time. Im afraid this destroys a lot of Sigmas value and fun when playing as him.


It’s because of double barrier aftermath, in the aftermath of goats rein and zarya became situational, now in the aftermath of double shield tanks will essentially be dps but with more ult charge.

Here’s what you need to change, don’t touch tank lines yet leave them as are, then look at what dps are being played, tracer echo, ashe still sometimes, also supports, zenyatta mercy essentially turning that role into a dps catagory, now look at tank what’s happening there? Utility for sigma, dps for hog and survivability for ball, why? Because ball is the only tank who has allot of health and barely be able to survive all the damage coming out from dps and dpssupport


Balance design philosophy - Make characters less fun to play rather than address what makes them problematic in the game. Literal reverse-QOL changes.


Good so far but maybe also a removal of Hammond’s Adaptive Shields not granting ultimate charge? Wouldn’t so much remove his tank-a-bility as being a punishment for feeding…


Doing this^^^ will make him just as trash as winston. No thanks lol


couldn’t you just make hitscan dps not double down on dmg boost and headshot multiplier?

where if its a head shot it ignores any dmg buff? (or takes whatever multiplier is higher)

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Nice but mercy and bap still neeeds small nerfs

And about hanzo . He don’t needs any buff… just nerf ashe and mccree

Balls’s nerf is laughable and Sigma’s shield is just less spammy?

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Well… i think sigma’s nerf is not necessary + I think some other heros need buff like Mei and Breg.

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Ball is worst but he’s still gona be meta because there will be noone better sigma is finally gonna be put where brig is he probably will get one more nerf into oblivion making him completely unplayable. And the main problem I have with this is where are the changes to echo or tracer or zenyatta or mercy or bap, all these super high damage heroes making tank no fun because we just get shreaded

i would recommend removing barrier from sigma completely . or increase its HP with the 2.5 sec cooldown. the 2.5 sec cooldown is a hero destroyer type of change . sigma pick rate will not even be ZERO ,it will be in minus value (lol ) .


Really guys why do you try to nerf two of the most fun to play tanks, I can understand Ball nerf because it doesn’t affect its kit but the nerf on Sigma’s barrier is way too severe because directly affects his mechanical playstyle.

In retrospect I fail to see the logic behind the implementation of the priority pass to solve the queue times and low pick rate of other roles, mostly tanks, and then the next month you try to nerf exatcly the role you wanted us to find appealing.


Also no changes to Winston … expected they raise a bit of his survivability. Surely not in the worst, but also far from optimal in his current state as a tank.

I dont think the Sigma change will get through.

I’m not sure if the durability is the biggest issue, or the fact that he’s by far and by large, the fastest hero in the game. It may be more prudent to look into reducing his speed overall and adjusting Top Speed downward too.

The shields seem like a sensible change, but it’s not that often that he’s getting the full amount or even a half the number.

It may be better to look into his damage and coverage from his basic attack. It really does shred most heroes and the coverage is incredibly wide.

Already feels pretty fast, I don’t think making it feel faster is going to help, but we’ll see.

Fairly solid change, but it’s not her damage, but the enablers. Zenyatta is just as responsible as Mercy is when it comes to increasing output.

How come this experimental card isn’t showing live on console?

Just wanted to throw my 2-cents on the changes you proposed:

For these, I like the general idea but I’d tweak the numbers a bit. .1 second stun is…well, negligent and I don’t think it’s worth the risk if it’s that short. I’d rather just remove it all together although I understand it would still stun out of ultimates.

Repair pack would be a good change to have it heal over a longer period of time, which means stretching it over a longer duration. But that translates to less than 30 HPS and having it blocked by barriers makes it a little more confusing. I also think that making it not go through shields encourages more of a bunker comp, so I’m skeptical of that. But, I’d be happy to try these overall changes with number-tweaks.

Yes to the not blocking kills in IF. The only change I’d want is that Regen Burst increases more HP or increases HP faster, but the cooldown for that is already fine where it’s at IMO.

Yes to that. But is the barrier HP with the 1 second cooldown or 2.5 seconds?

I’d go for more Barrier or lower cooldown but not both. Also that + increasing Sigma’s barrier might be problematic. I’d take one or the other.

Yes. Just, yes.

There’s just a lot of inconsistency in doing this, IMO. If anything I’d be okay with giving D.Va knockback resistance again, and only her.

I have no objections, your honor.

Storm arrows were fine and already powerful enough

It’s a good start but Hammond’s survivability needs more nerfs before he’s balanced